I thank the Mail Tribune for the story about the pending sale of the Red Lion. I couldn't believe the mayor and the City Council were so eager to jump in Lithia's pocket! Can they say due diligence?

I thank the Mail Tribune for the story about the pending sale of the Red Lion. I couldn't believe the mayor and the City Council were so eager to jump in Lithia's pocket! Can they say due diligence?

Not only do they sell city property at a loss to Lithia, but then want to partner with them to purchase the Red Lion without even knowing the cost! I'm speechless! — V. Handel, Medford

I'm going into my second year at North and I like to play football. I play left tackle on the JV team, but I wouldn't be left tackle if my line coach didn't moved me from right guard to left tackle.

I don't know why he did that. I guess he saw something that I didn't. I'd like to thank him for moving me; I'm now a great left tackle thanks to him. — Daniel Swofford, Central Point

I read the article "Pinot Noir Diplomacy" in the Mail Tribune, and I was struck by Dewey Weddington's comment that the Oregon Wine Board had budget constraints in funding because it gets money from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture is spending $800 billion on food stamps, and they can't afford to promote wine exports?

Isn't our own Sen. Ron Wyden the chairman of the Natural Resources Committee?

You just don't understand politics — food stamps is vote buying. Free stuff is what gets you elected. The reality is that both our senators like it this way. Therefore, it follows that they prefer keeping the economy moribund, so they can give away free stuff and get re-elected. That is why the Department of Agriculture budget is 72 percent food programs (free stuff) and 28 percent everything else in agriculture.

Both senators got a lot of face time extolling the Jobs Bill, but the Securities and Exchange Commission didn't like the Jobs Bill so they didn't write the regulations to make it law. The result: zero. Did you hear our senators complain? Of course not; they got on TV talking about jobs, but did nothing. Are you cynical yet? — Lee Topham, Talent

Regarding the recent story about the naked autistic girl who was Tasered by the police, that situation is totally absurd. What threat could such a child pose to any police officer?

Another issue is the training and classes the cops attend to better deal with the mentally ill. What good is all this ongoing education if the police don't use what they supposedly learn?

The officer at the scene who Tasered the young woman should be fired or, at least, given a disciplinary leave of absence for six months without pay!

Our police with all the high-tech weapons (which were not available in 1950-1970) are an accident waiting to happen. It's ridiculous our police are so stupid. It is also a prime example of government overreach at a basic level. It's so hard to catch some high-level politician, but not so for front-line police.

Oh, and by the way, the cops ought to be solving the unsolved murders in Medford instead of Tasering a girl who is autistic. Shame on the police! How dare they abuse the power they hold. — J.W. Nieman, Medford

The Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, in a ceremony at the Seven Feathers Resort and Casino Convention Center, awarded $5,000 to the Medford Jazz Festival for the acquisition and refurbishment of musical instruments. Providing instruments to worthy area students represents the core segment of the "Medford Jazz Festival Supports Music Education" program.

Working with area schools' music teachers, the Medford Jazz Festival supports music education by providing instruments and/or instruction to students that otherwise might be unable to participate in the currently budget-limited school music programs.

The Medford Jazz Festival appreciates and wholeheartedly thanks the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for its generous grant. If anyone wishes to donate or know more about the festival's instrument and music education support program, please visit us at www.medfordjazz.org. — Jim DeMont, president, Medford Jazz Festival