August 12, 1945 April 9, 2013

These are only mere words and can't express the loss we all feel. Dad (John) was an incredible man who showed the kind of love and devotion to his children and wife that so many look for their entire lives. Quite possibly the kindest and calmest man I will ever know. He loved his family in all our inadequacies without fail and there was nothing he wouldn't offer his advice to or help us with.

He will always be deeply loved by his wife, Lila; his children John, Robby, Amy, and Becky; and all of his so dearly treasured grandchildren, who will remember him for all of his greatness!

John didn't just make friends; he grew deep relationships for life with each person, who miss him dearly. They call him a mentor and a father figure! In business, his name was called on by so many, never a more solid, knowledgeable and dependable man than VanBuren! His absence will be felt for some time.

In loving memory of the son, brother, friend, husband, father, grand and great-grandfather who Didn't Have to Be but always lovingly chose to be! We Love you! May God be with you, and us all...

Join us, share your heart, laughter and loving memories with us as a family. We welcome you as a part of John's life that lives in and through all of us. Come to Harnish Wayside Park, July 13, 11:30 a.m. Located at the intersection of Highway 62 and South Royal Ave./Nick Young Road, Eagle Point.