I agree with the editorial on June 30, "Let the committee work."

I agree with the editorial on June 30, "Let the committee work."

Also, Betty Kazmin wrote an excellent guest opinion piece in the June 30 Mail Tribune which should be required reading for all parents and gun enthusiasts, I can only add amen! — Lorrie Kvamme, Jacksonville

The Kennedy exhibit across from the Tinseltown movie theater is not to be missed.

What a treasure for Medford. Joyce Hailicka has put together a fabulous display of memories for us of the '60s. The exhibit is free, so please treat yourself and take your children and grandchildren. — Linda Larson, Medford

I had a safe and happy holiday and want to thank the public safety workers who helped make it so.

In the morning they were directing traffic and keeping an eye on the thousands of us watching the parade in Ashland. They helped find a missing child and comfort a scared mother.

In the evening they were literally putting out fires like the one along Interstate 5 and monitoring the fireworks exploding everywhere. They were keeping the roads safe for me and helping those who celebrated a bit too much from hurting themselves or anyone else.

They did it in a friendly and professional manner. Thanks to them for working on the holiday so that the rest of us could enjoy it safely. — Laurie Schaaf, Ashland

Taxes are a natural phenomenon of a civilized society, "for the public good," police, fire, schools, roads, utilities and such. The city charter spells this out.

The city and county fathers spend our money for their projects, thus deleting needed funds. Too much money is diverted to addicts, bums, women with five kids from four different men, excessive parks, PERS and wasteful do-gooders, not necessities.

As the population grows, so does the tax base, and thus the funds necessary to support said growth — economics 101! There is never a reason to increase tax rates. All the taxes in the world that need to exist already do.

Cut the non-essentials, not the police. Harvest the renewable trees, don't import lumber. Privatize schools, disband public unions. What happened to the lottery windfall? California has all our taxes and a sales tax, and they are broke. Cut city salaries, not increase them.

We conserve water as requested and they increase our rates to cover the shortfall. It is the old shell game and you are a nut. We stated a revolution once over taxes and I sense the villagers are getting restless. — Brad Martinkovich, Medford

Shame on the person who hit and killed my little dog in front of my driveway at 1570 Spring St. in Medford. I cannot believe the driver didn't know they had hit something.

This act occurred at about 7 p.m. on July 3. I saw the whole thing from my garage.

The poor little dog was flung three feet in the air and thrown at least 20 feet from the point of impact. I do not believe the dog was run over, but its back was broken and it died instantly.

I fault the driver of the car for not only not slowing down, but for not stopping. I want the person responsible to know they have no feeling or caring for what they did.

I am a 78-year-old man and have lived in Medford for 52 years. This act has left a big hole in my heart. — Gerald A. Pringle, Medford