The Albany Democrat-Herald editorial "Market may settle GMO issue" (July 6) omits salient facts.

The Albany Democrat-Herald editorial "Market may settle GMO issue" (July 6) omits salient facts.

President Obama has filled USDA and FDA key posts with former Monsanto CEOs and chief lobbyists. President Bush had formerly done the same thing.

That explains why GMO is always A-OK, per these two "regulatory" agencies. Former first lady Laura Bush made certain only organic and grass-fed foods were served in the White House. The current first lady has followed suit. What do they know that they're not sharing with the rest of us?

A few other omissions: the USA is among only a few developed nations that doesn't either ban GMO, responsibly regulate GMO or mandate GMO product labeling for consumers. Virtually every other developed nation gets moderate to comprehensive GMO consumer protection and/or disclosure. We get absolutely nothing.

Written in an aloof and detached tone, the editorial vaguely alludes to GMO seed contamination affecting conventional/organic farmers, but fails to describe the economic devastation of destroyed seed supplies and the legal impunity that allows Monsanto to sue affected farmers while being immune to most prosecution themselves.

Consumer awareness will affect GMO market acceptance to an extent, but it's no substitute for honest and responsible leadership. — Andrew Kubik, Ashland

East Medford's Hillcrest area residents were subjected to two huge aerial fireworks displays on the night of the fourth, about 30 minutes apart.

The bursts were a good 100 feet high, easily three times higher than the three-story houses near where they were launched. Fireworks detritus still lying in the street in the morning (July 5) at the intersection of Hathaway and Monterrey streets confirmed the launch area.

Yes, fireworks are prohibited here.

Obviously, the morons responsible for the big-bucks fireworks display were thumbing their noses at the police, apparently sure they have a God-given right to celebrate July Fourth any way they wish, and if that happened to burn down half of the city, well, too bad.

To east Medford residents: How much of this crap do you want to put up with? Do you want a few morons determining the fate of your house, your property? Waiting for the police to show up and put a stop to it obviously is not going to solve the problem.

We who live here have to have the guts to solve it, with the help of the police. — Jack Ashcraft, Medford

In Friday's MT there was an article about the Fourth of July. Kathy Thomas was quoted to say "We tried the Eagle Point parade — it was mostly tractors and lawn mowers."

Things have changed — we haven't had a lawn mower in our parade since 2006 and this year we only had three tractors, one of which was pulling a dragon for the Storytelling Guild.

Eagle Point boasts a variety of entries to our parade ­— including the military vehicle club, Cub Scouts, horses, miniature donkeys, cars, floats, cheerleaders, high school band — the list goes on and on. We even have participants that go through the Central Point parade and then come to ours.

We are extremely proud of our parade — all of our Fourth of July activities — the pancake breakfast, fun run, booths on Main Street, the parade and then spectacular fireworks in the high school stadium.

If you haven't tried us in a while, give us a whirl — you'll be glad you did. — Suzi Collins, parade director, Eagle Point Community Association