As of Thursday, 45 photos had been entered in the inaugural Oregon Outdoors Photo Contest.

As of Thursday, 45 photos had been entered in the inaugural Oregon Outdoors Photo Contest.

Photos can be entered in three categories:

1) Wildlife, which can include any nondomesticated animal photographed in the wild in Oregon.

2) Landscapes, including forests, mountains, deserts, ocean, rivers, lakes or any other landscape that depicts the beauty of Oregon.

3) People in Nature, which can include hikers, skiers, rafters, bikers or any other activity that shows people — alone or in groups — outdoors in Oregon.

It's an online contest, so entries must be uploaded to our contest website at

The entry deadline is 5 p.m., Friday, July 26.

Three winning photos chosen by our expert judges, along with the People's Choice winner, will be published Friday, Aug. 9, in Oregon Outdoors.

Fill out a registration form and upload your photos on our website at

1) Only photographs taken in Oregon are eligible.

2) The contest includes three categories: Wildlife, Landscapes and People in Nature.

3) Wildlife must be photographed in the wild (no zoo photos or pictures of tethered animals, caged animals or dead animals mounted by taxidermy). Please include the common species name of the animal if you know it.

4) Entries must include the photographer's name, phone, address and email address.

5) Please include the location where the photo was taken, the type of camera and the lens used.

6) Digital photos may be enhanced using tools such as exposure control, cropping and sharpening. Other major or obvious enhancements may render the photo ineligible. This will be a decision of the judges and all decisions are final.

7) You can enter up to 3 photos; however, each photographer is eligible to win only one award.

8) The entrant of the photo must be the photographer who shot the photo.

9) Only digital (jpeg) photos are eligible, submitted in RGB mode. If you shoot film, the photo must be scanned and submitted in digital format.

10) Entrants agree to allow Southern Oregon Media Group to publish their photos in print or online.

11) The contest is open to everyone who meets the criteria above, except for employees of Southern Oregon Media Group.

If you have questions, email Mail Tribune features editor David Smigelski at or call 541-776-8784.