May 3, 1944 - July 5, 2013

Janice Mae Luiting passed away in her Central Point home surrounded by family on the evening of July 5, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. She was 69 years of age. Janice was born at the Hill View Maternity Ward in Berkeley, Calif., May 3, 1944. She was the second child, and second daughter, of George Parish and Mae Parish.

Janice grew up like most normal kids except for her father's death at the age of 12. She always had a big heart to take in and care for animals. She wasn't afraid of strapping on some boots and getting her Levi's dirty. Always busy doing something with family and leading the pack in her travels. At age 12 after her father's death she began playing the guitar and singing and became quite an accomplished folk singer/songwriter by the time she was 30. In 1962 Janice started to learn about dog grooming which fit well with her passion for animals. At age 20 while at college she even owned a monkey which drove the family crazy around the holidays.

Despite her struggles she always had a good attitude. Something she wasn't afraid of was pain, loss or suffering. The best way her attitude could be described is by the following part of a letter written to her mother in 1968 which goes as follows:

Many of us have to go through all kinds of painful experiences. This is part of living, growing, and learning. At the time these experiences seem unpleasant and wasteful. But without them we would be standing still in life. The unfortunate ones are the ones who shield themselves from pain, therefore, never really experiencing it. If we don't experience the negative feelings, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the positive ones.

Janice married Klaas Luiting March 15, 1974, and they divorced in 1991. By the time she was 30-years old she was a talented artist and a very skilled owner/ operator dog groomer.

On May 28, 1977 she gave birth to her first and only child, Kevin Scott Luiting. Soon after in 1982 the couple bought their second house in southern Oregon and opened the Pampered Pup Dog grooming salon. Her husband, Klaas, opened a statue making business at 1951 Delta Waters Rd., Medford, Oregon. Specializing in all breeds, Janice worked long hours at her shop to keep up with the demands of her successful business.

She trained many dog groomers over the span of 40 years and built an impeccable reputation with many Rogue Valley residents. She wanted people to get the best grooming available at a good price. While she has tried to find someone to fill her shoes, the task has never been easy. She wanted her son to follow in her path because she had trained him his whole life until the age of 20. Inadvertently, her illness put him in that role. So she got her wish and the shop is still open for business and her son is going to do his best to make her proud.

Along with her dog grooming, Janice developed a knack for sign-making using vinyl and paints. Her advancement with this led her into more and more painting, eventually turning to canvas paintings which included seascapes, animal portraits, scenic scenes, and many more. She trained by attending art and painting classes and spending thousands of dollars in home-training videos for the better part of 15 years to become a much endowed painter. She always told her son that her art was a way of showing appreciation for life.

Janice Luiting was preceded by her parents, George and Mae Parish; and ex-husband, Klaas Luiting; and is survived by son, Kevin Luiting; grandson, Tyler Hartlieb; sister, Lavonne Parish; and many loving relatives.

Janice did not want a formal memorial service because she felt it is a waste of valuable resources. One of her last wishes was that any monies would be donated to the local ASPCA or animal shelter.

The family appreciates your respect of her privacy during the last month of her illness.