Wednesday's high temperature of 96 could seem almost chilly for Rogue Valley residents a week from now.

Wednesday's high temperature of 96 could seem almost chilly for Rogue Valley residents a week from now.

National Weather Service officials say another round of triple-digit temperatures is on the way. It's predicted to reach 100 degrees today, 102 degrees Friday, 105 degrees Saturday and Sunday and continue in the 100-degree range through most of next week. The low temperatures are not expected to drop below the mid-60s in that time.

"This thing lasts at least until Friday next week," said meteorologist Brian Nieuwenhuis. "That's when the models show the next chance for some cooling."

For Rogue Valley residents, it'll feel like deja vu from two weeks ago, when they sweltered through four days of 100-plus degrees.

"It's basically the same scenario we had the last time," Nieuwenhuis said. "A very large ridge forming up over the Four Corners region and extending up to us."

Nieuwenhuis added the heat bubble will cover much of the western United States, extending east to the Mississippi Valley.

Weather officials have not yet released a heat advisory but one may be coming, warning of the risk of heat stroke or exhaustion if residents don't stay hydrated and avoid heavy exertion.

Heat advisories are issued when there are at least two consistent days of temperatures at or greater than 103 degrees, with nighttime lows not dropping below 65.

"If we're going to put it out, it'd be by Friday night, Saturday morning," Nieuwenhuis said.

The previous heat wave, which hit the Rogue Valley June 30, brought an advisory that was later scaled back. Temperatures were still close to the mark, with a 102-degree high and 64-degree nighttime low recorded June 29, and another 102-degree high July 2 that cooled to just 70 degrees overnight.

July has seen five days of triple-digit temperatures for a total of six so far this year. Those days were July 1,2,3, 9 and 15.

As during any heat wave, experts recommend limiting exertion, wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water.

"The biggest deal is to keep hydrated," Nieuwenhuis said.

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