"WANTED — Lena Marsh. Place all paid for. Return at once. Henry Marsh."

"WANTED — Lena Marsh. Place all paid for. Return at once. Henry Marsh."

The above wanted ad in Los Angeles papers is occasioned by the disappearance of Lena Marsh, wife of H.M. Marsh, the dairyman who returned from Coos Bay to find a note telling him of the departure of his wife.

She stated she had $20 and would go as far south as she could get on the money.

Despondency over the prospective loss of their team and home is said to be the cause of the woman's becoming unbalanced.

The husband also blames gossips for creating trouble by scandal making.


The domestic troubles of the Lerch family are soon again to be aired in Justice Taylor's court, when Mrs. Lerch is to be arraigned on a charge of disturbing the peace.

Mrs. Lerch appeared before Judge Taylor this morning and gave her views on a complaint sworn to by E.R. Lewis, charging her with disturbing the peace by using obscene and abusive language to Lewis.

According to Mrs. Lerch, who has commenced a divorce suit against her husband, alleging cruel and inhuman treatment, her erstwhile spouse spends the greater part of his time in scheming torment for her, and that he brings an amount of ingenuity in his various tortures that would have done credit to Geronimo in his most ferocious moments.

She alleges that all sorts of disreputables are encouraged to use her outhouses; that the complainant in the present case, acting under the suggestion of Lerch, had entered the same when she locked him in.

On the other hand, Mr. Lewis states that without any provocation, Mrs. Lerch assailed him in a vile and threatening manner, threatening him with a bundle of wood and using language that made many of the noble denizens of Front Street hide out in shame.