I read your front-page article on the lack of diapers with great dismay. What ever happened to the idea of using cloth diapers?

I read your front-page article on the lack of diapers with great dismay. What ever happened to the idea of using cloth diapers?

Generations of women simply washed their diapers and used them over and over, sometimes for multiple children. Soap and water are usually available to any mother, so why waste money and resources on paper and plastic that just gets thrown out at the dump?

Perhaps L.A. Diaper Drive could start an educational campaign on this idea of returning to the ways of generations of mothers before us. — Jessica Bryan, Ashland

I recently received a bill from a doctor's office for a 30-minute office visit for $500. My insurance company negotiated the bill down to $424.29. This amounts to a billing rate of $828.58 per hour. My son is a desk clerk in a motel, and he is paid $9.25 per hour. This means the doctor's office is billing 45 times my son's hourly wage for medical services.

When I ran for county commissioner last year, I proposed that Jackson County open a nurse practitioner clinic and charge $30 for an office visit. The details of my proposal are available at www.electmarksoderstrom.com. Why does your newspaper ignore the extortion of the medical industry?

In France, I would have paid $36 for this office visit. If I had Medicare the bill would have been around $125.

This bill gives me visions of the doctor's office sitting on top of a large pyramid throne like Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra" while 45 slaves pull the throne forward. — Mark Soderstrom, Phoenix

While every city, county and state in the union is currently experiencing varying states of fiscal emergency (crumbling infrastructure, unsafe roadways, diminished services, closed libraries), the federal government continues to expend approximately $300 million per day in its futile pursuit of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

After the Vietnam fiasco (over 60,000 Americans dead plus a cost of $168 billion) it is beyond belief that we cling to the idiotic fantasy of creating democracies in nations that despise everything about us and our democracy. To their everlasting disgrace, no member of Congress has exhibited the courage to ignore political considerations by publicly denouncing the series of naive decisions that have cost our nation so dearly in both blood and financial stability during the past 50 years.

To his everlasting credit President Barack Obama was adamant in removing our military forces from the quagmire of Iraq (The Shia and Sunni sects of Iraq are now freely exercising their freedom to slaughter each other once again.). If al-Qaida represents a genuine danger to our nation, the entire populace should share that burden rather than cravenly attempting to quarantine the danger to some far-off battlefield. — Bob Warren, Medford