Wednesday was the first day with some contact in fall camp for the Oregon State football team.

Wednesday was the first day with some contact in fall camp for the Oregon State football team.

The players, who wore shoulder pads and helmets with shorts, made it through practice quite nicely.

"It was good. I thought it was pretty clean," coach Mike Riley said. "Usually you get some stupid stuff but it was pretty good."

The Beavers spent the first two days running through plays and drills.

"By rule, we've got to go the first two days in shorts without shoulder pads and I've gotten to the point where I've just decided those days we're not going to have interaction," Riley said. "We've done it before, without gear, and I think I've just worn them down."

Riley said those practices can be difficult for the linemen.

"Because their whole world is about blocking, defeating the block," he said. "So just the walk-through stuff is hard for them.

"A receiver can run routes, catch the ball, a quarterback can throw it and so it can be more tedious (for linemen)."

Newcomer news

The Beavers are still waiting on the status of Kyle Peko and Charlie Tuaau.

Riley said he received some information but did not want to elaborate because it wasn't definitive.

Riley was positive about the possibility of getting linebacker Manase Hungalu into camp.

"I think that will be cleared up," Riley said.

Christian ill

Safety Steven Christian has been held out of practice to recover from mononucleosis.

"So they do all those spleen tests before they let him come back," Riley said. "I think he is close to being OK, or closer."

Christian is a 6-foot-1, 191-pound senior who transferred from the University of Hawaii after the 2011 season.

Gwacham's game

Receiver Obum Gwacham has been working to move into a bigger role with the Beavers now that Markus Wheaton has graduated.

Gwacham caught 10 passes last season and is prized for his size (6-5, 224) and athletic ability (he's a high jumper in the spring).

"Boomer's deal is continued growth," Riley said. "We all love him as a worker and his potential, all that part. His next deal is making more and more plays consistently in practice and then being able to transfer it to the games."