What's your opinion of Alex Rodriguez?

What's your opinion of Alex Rodriguez?

"It's not good. I think he's a cheater like Barry Bonds and the rest of them."

Bill Lucas

Eagle Point

"He's committed perjury. He's been injecting drugs that were illegal for Major League Baseball and therefore should be removed from the game forever."

Dean Edson


"He did what other people have done. He's not a bad person but he deserves the consequences and should own up to it."

Corissa Holmes

Rogue River

"He's a Yankee, should I say any more. He should be honest with himself and take the consequences."

Jennifer Newell

Central Point

"He ought to hang it up, say goodbye and rest on his laurels."

John Borges

Shady Cove

"As a Giants' fan, I don't have a lot of room to talk. Major League Baseball has as much responsibility for this as the players."

Elib Crist-Dwyer