Keep partisanship out

Libraries are important and necessary to all the citizens of Jackson County, and it will take the support of a majority of citizens to save and nurture our libraries. Letters such as the one from Michael Steely (Aug. 15), while supportive, are not helpful.

He drags the future of the libraries into the partisan muck of national politics and ends up mocking those with whom he disagrees. Hardly a positive strategy for building support for the libraries. By all means let's support the libraries, but let's keep partisanship out of the discussion. Last time I looked readers were simply readers. Let's keep it that way. — Burke Raymond, Talent

Stop blaming the victims

After reading yet another letter bashing the voters of Jackson County for not wanting to sink more money into the public library, I just have to speak up.

Our family has always been on a tight budget, but when the request for funds for a new library came up for a vote, we felt like it would be money well spent, since we used the old library extensively. However, it seems that much of the new McMansion of a library is dedicated to public meeting rooms, RCC and tall air and that only about one third of the building is actual library.

The worst blunder is the poor planning that left no funds for keeping the library open more than a few hours a week. To add insult to injury, a third of the parking lot is "reserved" and now we are charged to park in the lot!

I no longer make weekly trips to the library. Now I get all my books digitally through Library2Go, Amazon or B&N. Never again will I willingly trust the county with our hard earned money for anything.

Fool me once — shame on you, fool me twice — shame on me. — Connie Groover, Medford

Respect service dogs

When I walk in Lithia Park with my service dog, people frequently inform me that dogs are not allowed. I don't mind because most of them think I am an unaware tourist and want to help me avoid a rather large fine.

While walking in the park Thursday, I was approached by a woman objecting to our presence. I told her it was a service dog and pointed out the ID card and service harness. The service animal registry that issues my dog's ID card requires strict adherence to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Agency) guideline. She then belligerently referred to a recently published MT article on how some people are passing off their pets as service dogs.

Even though I had shown her my official documentation, she basically called me a liar and a cheat. What I ask is when you see a dog in the park, ask if it is a service animal. If the owner days yes and you don't believe it, notify a park ranger who can further investigate. I, too, would like to see people face consequences for illegally passing off their pet as a service dog, but insultingly challenging legitimate service dog owners — not cool! — C.J. McLaughlin, Ashland

Women can change the world

Today, the day before I turn 72, I write concerning Shauna Engbrecht's letter to the editor.

Men have been running this country since the beginning of time. Can anyone but a woman see any problems here? We have a president who has the idea that he is our king. Big news there for you there, big boy. Our county officials are all crooked and one good ol' boy covers for the others. Remember these people, women, when time to vote comes again. Women can change the world, and it is time we started. — Becky Zelmer, Medford

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