Bill Varble's wide-ranging and incredible knowledge of music served very well the Britt Classical season.

Bill Varble's wide-ranging and incredible knowledge of music served very well the Britt Classical season.

He reviewed conductor candidates and their performances candidly and intelligently. He commented with understanding on the orchestral selections. He shared with readers enjoyable lessons about classical and near-classical compositions, and evaluated clearly the performance of the outstanding orchestra and top-notch pianists and violinists. Britt is very well supported by Varble's great reviews and the Mail Tribune's publishing them. — G. Myers, Jacksonville

I appeal to the journalistic integrity of the Mail Tribune to request a more balanced reporting on the climate change debate.

Start with the propaganda that 97 percent of climate scientists concur that climate change is human-caused. Prove it. A minimum of research will find many credible scientists who strongly disagree with the premise of man-caused climate change. Report their side of the story.

The science of climate change has become "political" science of the worst sort, fueled by the most extreme on the political spectrum. Enabled by the Endangered Species Act, as legal license to sue, these green fascists have nearly destroyed Oregon's economy.

Gone are the real living wage jobs that supported our tax base. Soon to go will be the extension service, the libraries and worse.

Drive out to White City. Look at the abandoned mills and the weeds growing in the parking lots. Ghosts. There is the legacy of extreme green politics. Report that side of the story.

To put Oregon back in business, we need to put the radicals out of business.

A good start? Repeal the Endangered Species Act. And give us balanced reporting. — Doug Dusenberry, Gold Hill

Randy Ellison's Aug. 16 guest column, "Let's get this straight: Child victims are never at fault," continues his courageous and tenacious work advancing an issue that many of us would rather not look at.

He helps us understand that the sexual abuse of children thrives on secrecy, and that bringing it to an end calls for a communitywide commitment to learn about it, watch for the tell-tale signs, and stand up unflinchingly for our children's safety.

Randy and the staff of the Children's Advocacy Center laid all this out beautifully in a recent episode of Immense Possibilities. We invite you to watch the 28-minute program anytime at to discover what you can do to help prevent the needless tragedy of child sexual abuse in our community. — Jeff Golden, Producer, Immense Possibilities, Ashland

After studying the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, and carefully observing the actions of the president and Congress for the past five years, I have come to the following definite conclusions: (1) Our founders established a democratic republic in which the people were to run and control the government. (2) The president and Democratic Party (especially the left wing), believe the fundamental purpose of the government is to run, control and rule the people. They also believe a good way to accomplish this is to make the people require handouts from the government for life's necessities.

Example: Get as many as possible on the food stamp program. Also, all aspects of Obamacare. — Floyd Lamb, Medford