(Rogue River Argus)

(Rogue River Argus)

Foots Creek lays claim to the oldest inhabitant of Jackson County. Mrs. Susan Whitney reached her 95th year on Aug. 15, 1913, and as a fitting remembrance of the event she affixed her signature to an affidavit of registration and expects to cast her ballot in the coming election in Spetember. That she may vote at many future elections is the hope of her family and many friends. As has been customary for a number of years, friends gathered at the Short farm on Foots Creek, where Grandma, as she is fondly called, makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Ella L. Short, and extended their congratulations.

Two events toward which Grandma always looks with pleasure are the sumptuous dinner and the arrival of the mail carrier. In both instances her fondest desires were fulfilled, for 11 friends gathered around the table and the mail carrier brought her over 150 postcards and letters from all parts of the United States. One of the greatest prized epistles was a postcard of congratulations from Grandma Todd of Eugene, who has reached the age of 103 and has the distinction of being the oldest person in Oregon.

Grandma Whitney is hale and hearty. She passes her time attending to her plants and flowers and making lace. She does not use glasses and her signature is more firm than those of many people 40 years her junior.

Many presents were delivered in person or by mail and as evening shadows darkened Grandma expressed herself as having had one of the happiest days of her life.


The annual reunion of the Pioneer Society of Southern Oregon will be held at Ashland on Thursday, Aug. 28, and old setlers and their families from all parts of Jackson County are expected and invited to attend. Arrangements for the revision are in the hands of committees of native sons and daughters and an interesting program is being arranged.

The Chautauqua tabernacle in the center of Ashland's beautiful central park will be the gathering place for the day, where programs will be held in the forenoon and afternoon. At 10:30 there will be a program of about one hour, including a short address by the president, reading of memorials of deceased members, a bit unwritten history of Southern Oregon and some musical numbers.