As much as Trina Jones loves battling in golf tournaments, there's a special place in her heart for a quiet evening by herself at Rogue Valley Country Club.

As much as Trina Jones loves battling in golf tournaments, there's a special place in her heart for a quiet evening by herself at Rogue Valley Country Club.

"It's how I kind of de-stress," she said. "I enjoy the time that I get and I just haven't had it."

Jones has given golf little thought and life lots more after her mother, 74-year-old Glena Rasmussen, passed away of a sudden stroke in July.

"It was a shock," Jones said. "She was very, very healthy and it just kind of came out of the blue. That was the hard part about it."

After Jones beat Calista Crenshaw, 3 and 2, in the women's quarterfinals at the 84th Southern Oregon Golf Championships on Saturday, her mind drifted to Glena.

Her mother adored tap dancing and taught it for four hours almost daily. Each year when the SOGC rolled around, Trina and Dave Rasmussen, her father, headed to the course and Glena headed for a tap workshop.

Despite their different passions, Trina said her mom's love was immeasurable.

"She gave me a lot of support," Jones said. "She pushed me to not sit back. She made me try and do the best I could at whatever I did."

Also Saturday, Dan Dixon pulled off a major upset when he outlasted 11-time champion George Mack on the 20th hole in men's super senior semifinal action.

Ryan Hawkins topped Mike Barry (1 up), Jimmy White defeated Mark Wilson (5 and 4), Brooks Newsom beat Trevor Telford (2 and 1) and Kevin Murphy downed Steve Taormino (3 and 2) in men's championship quarterfinals. The winners tee off at 12:40 p.m. today.

Jones, who will face Rosie Cook in the semifinals at 12:50 p.m. today, never trailed and led by as many as four holes on Saturday.

She captured the first two holes against Crenshaw — who has played golf since she was 3 and competed in college at San Diego State — and made the turn at 3 up. A rare faux pas was a three-putt on No. 7.

Behind by three holes, Crenshaw came just an inch short of the pin on No. 15 with a difficult long putt.

Jones was dormie at No. 16 when she took a conservative approach on her drive. The shot put her in safe position and about 10 yards from Crenshaw's ball. Their next swings placed them on the green. Crenshaw knocked down her putt before Jones sealed the winning deal with a heart-stopping 10-foot putt to halve the hole.

"Her 100-yard-and-in shots are incredible and she is an amazing putter," Crenshaw said of Jones. "You never know what she is capable of. It's actually scary because you're like, 'What's going to happen?' She is a great player and a great lady. And she made a heckuva great putt on that last hole."

Cook defeated Kelly Loeb, who has won two of the last three titles, 7 up. Today's other semifinal pits Terry Levis against Lindsey Stockton.

Glena Rasmussen suffered a stroke on June 13 and was flown to OHSU in Portland. She passed away on July 21 at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, Wash.

Jones spent a lot of time with her mom during that time when she normally would have been practicing four days and playing three days a week. Her hobby was put on hold until she competed in the RVCC club championships earlier this month.

Getting back to the course this week felt right, Jones said, and the feeling only got better as she found her rhythm.

"Everything kind of clicked today," Jones said.

Dixon, a 67-year-old Medford resident, was exhausted after his triumph over Mack.

"It was a long, drawn-out affair," Dixon said. "George and I both played lousy. It was seeing who could give it to the other guy and I finally outlasted him."

Dixon and Mack both parred the 19th hole of their round. On the second playoff hole, both men hit into the trees on the left-hand side of the fairway before Mack bogeyed and Dixon parred by two-putting from about 21/2 feet. Mack missed his putt from about 5 feet away, putting an end to around six hours of play.

"I got lucky," said Dixon, who was even with Mack after nine holes. "Really, we were both glad to be done."

Beating the man who has the most championship flight victories sparked some quick buzz around the clubhouse.

For Dixon, a five-time runner-up, the win is a step closer to finally capturing a crown. He will face Bob Maentz on Monday in the title match.

"I am going to be ready," Dixon said. "Hopefully I play like I did yesterday and not today."

Southern Oregon Golf Championships

MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP — Kevin Murphy def. Steve Taormino 3 & 2, Brooks Newsom def. Trevor Telford 2 & 1, Jimmy White def. Mark Wilson 5 & 4, Ryan Hawkins def. Mike Barry 1 up.

MEN'S FIRST — Derek Zwagerman def. Jake Quast 1 up, Brandon Crosier def. Ryan Kantor 1 up, Joey Rossknecht def. Edward Pulpan 2 & 1, J.T. Compher def. Rich Owens 19th.

MEN'S SECOND — Alex Hobson def. Tyler Shelton 2 up, Jay Klemp def. Dave Judd 3 up, Justin Azevedo def. Brandon Chun 2 up, Ryan Suvoy def. Jason Caplan 1 up.

MEN'S THIRD — Craig Smith def. Joey Walker 2 up, Jesse Taylor def. Justin Wise 1 up, Robert Husel def. Darrell Flora Jr. 2 up, Eric Engelbach def. Adam Huycke 2 & 1.

MEN'S FOURTH — Mark Eschenbacher def. Orette Facey 2 & 1, David Mayer def. Ray Cox 1 up, Michael Richardson def. Eric Linerud 19th, Cody Stover def. Chris Norlander 4 & 3.

MEN'S FIFTH — Sean McGlinn def. Jordan Anderson 10 & 9 Jonathan Purtzer def. Eric Ford 2 up, Nick Malone def. Brady Inn 5 & 4, Jake Witte def. Ron Statham 7 & 6.

MEN'S SIXTH — Jim Achenbach def. Derek Davis 5 & 4, Blake Bartlett def. Brian Georgeson 3 up, Spencer Frantz def def. Scott Weiland 3 & 2, Keith Lallo def. Dan Wayman 1 up.

MEN'S SEVENTH — Tim Shaw def. Michael McCaslin 3 & 2, Joe Arnesen def. Fritz Schuler 1 up, Collin Krueger def. James Parsley 2 up, Josh Huffman def. Mark McUne 3 & 2.

MEN'S EIGHTH — Bryan Wheelock def. Mark Pagan 4 & 3, Jim Garrison def. Scott Entinger 1 up, Tom Pepple def. Mike Stavish 1 up, Rick Buchler def. Jim Palazzolo 1 up.

MEN'S NINTH — Don Shanklin def. Chris Swartsley 2 up, Scott Anderson def. Mike Dunlevy 1 up, Glen Johannes def. Brandon Dahl 1 up, Al Reynolds def. Josh Godfrey 5 & 4.

MEN'S TENTH — Scott Sterton def. Rowan Jason 6 & 4, Jim Corbett def. Jeremy Ross 1 up, Jim Stormo def. John Hernandez 1 up, Ben Humphrey def. Mike DeLagrange 3 up.

MEN'S ELEVENTH — Rick Holcom def. Jad Dickson 1 up, Kevin Anderson def. Matt Daniken 1 up, Darren Bruhns def. Lynn Knight 6 up, Nic Corbett def. Billy Burke 1 up.

JUNIOR SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP — Don Gorman def. Kevin Croucher 2 & 1, Tommy Smith def. Michael Riley 1 up, Ken Stringer def. Kelly Owen 2 & 1, Dan Westbrook def. Brad Bills 2 & 1.

JUNIOR SENIOR FIRST — Brooks Gard def. Hank Munn 4 & 3, Duke DeBernardi def. Brian Odell 2 & 1, Robert Neff def. Geoff Loomis 1 up, Joel Jessel def. Kevin Dixon 19th.

JUNIOR SENIOR SECOND — Tim Trower def. Jim Multerer 3 & 1, Brian Edwards def. Eddie Bostwick 19th, David Culbertson def. Brian Adolph 5 & 4, Craig Knips def. Richard Lozano 1 up.

JUNIOR SENIOR THIRD — Paul Chitwood def. Steve Bernard 1 up, Mark Weiss def. Dave Card 4 & 3, Jim Mansfield def. Eric Hansen 5 & 3, Bret DeForest def. Kevin Jones 1 up.

JUNIOR SENIOR FOURTH — Kevin Jones def. Tim Hornecker 1 up, Dewayne Robinson def. Scott Reed 2 & 1, Phil Heiner def. Matt Hansen 1 up, Eric Artner def. Gordon Humphrey 1 up.

JUNIOR SENIOR FIFTH — Alex Mann def. Joe Davis, Tom Jones def. Greg Jacobs 1 up, Don Boucher def. Jim Retzlaff 1 up, Joe Mahar def. Steve Ferreira 1 up.

JUNIOR SENIOR SIXTH — Tom Mayer def. Lance Hunter 23rd, Rick Dyer def. Tony Nieto 1 up, Christian Carrigan def. William Trott 2 & 1, Jack Lewis def. Brian Sherrill 1 up.

JUNIOR SENIOR SEVENTH — Mark Hardin def. James Figueroa 4 & 3, Chris Miller def. Bill Powell 1 up, William Stewart def. Jason Miller 1 up, Mike Stormberg & Mike Diehl called because of darkness; Play to resume today at 9:15 a.m.; Hole to be determined.

SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP — Mark Wilson def. Bryan Schlafke 1 up, Marshall Holman def. Craig Galpern 6 & 5, Glen Clark def. Jerry Eklund 1 up, Steven Wood def. Jim Hoffman 19th.

SENIOR FIRST — Scott Mayfield def. Vaughn Schneider 2 & 1, Ken Van Daam def. Ron Lewis 19th, Doug Ward def. Terry Buntin 1 up, Robert Hyer def. Gary Bates 1 up.

SENIOR SIXTH — Jeff Blum def. Steve Lavin 2 & 1, Darrell Hunt def. Kenneth Linden 4 & 3, John Lawton def. Greg Stormberg 1 up, Dan Marshall def. Ed Knight 20th.

SENIOR SEVENTH — Chuck Carnese def. Mark Fawver 2 & 1, Mike Confer def. Ralph Perry, Mike Jantzer def. Frank Lucas 5 & 4, Ed Knight def. Steven Rodermund 2 & 1.

SUPER SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP — Dan Dixon def. George Mack 20th, Robert Maentz def. John Johnson 5 & 3.

SUPER SENIOR FIRST — Tom Hamlin def. Steve Warrington 1 up, Michael Miller def. Gary Klouda 2 & 1.

SUPER SENIOR SECOND — Dodd Samuel def. Arn Wihtol 2 & 1, Dick Brekke def. Bill Drewien 20th, Gary Mann def. Dick Entinger 1 up, Bruce Hanson def. Fred Ferreira 1 up.

SUPER SENIOR THIRD — Michael Goldman def. Ron Primasing 2 & 1, Richard Larsen def. Jim Kauffman 19th, Ron Dixon def. Herb Crenshaw 1 up, Bernie Fraser def. Bruce McDonald 4 & 3.

SUPER SENIOR FOURTH — David Rasmussen def. Tom Riley 3 & 2, Michael Trovato def. Rick Murdoch 6 & 4.

SUPER SENIOR FIFTH — Harvey Myers def. Gary Bonner, Leon Flinchpaugh def. Mike Arant 2 & 1.

SUPER SENIOR SIXTH — Raymond Smith def. Robert Given 19th, Gordie Carrigan 2 & 1.

SUPER SENIOR SEVENTH — Jim Quinn def. Bob Hutchins 2 & 1, Tom Barry def. C. Jan Garner 2 & 1.

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP — Trina Jones def. Calista Crenshaw 3 & 2, Rosie Cook def. Kelly Loeb 7 up, Terry Levis def. Christina Phelps 2 & 1, Lindsey Stockton def. M. McFaddin 1 up.

WOMEN'S FIRST — Jessica Young def. Toni Doolen 4 & 2, Laura Pinkham def. Kathy Pauck 1 up, Julia Tissen der. Lori Humphrey 19th, Tracie Armitage def. Tina Blum 1 up.

WOMEN'S SECOND — Tory Nieto def. Tammie Allen 1 up, Melinda Heiner def. Toni Watkins 1 up, Leslie Gainey def. Tonia Waldron 1 up, Michele Rostron def. Annette Van Daam 1 up.

WOMEN'S THIRD — Dana Cody def. Cortney Hall 1 up, Dana Carrigan def. Cathy Trower 1 up, Julie Austad def. Barbara Stormo 1 up, Bridgitte Griffin def. Diane Tucker 3 & 2.

SENIOR WOMEN CHAMPION — Toni Anderberg def. Pam Schepis 6 up, Linda Tungsvik def. Alison Myers 1 up, Claudia Robbs def. Gayle Jantzer 5 & 4, Cindy Fortier def. Jennifer Owens 1 up.

SENIOR WOMEN FIRST — Nancy Moore def. Cathy Dunlap 5 & 3, Dianne Angelich def. Judy Slater 2 up, Sue Hunter def. Teri Mayer 3 & 2, Jan Selby-Hughes def. Marianne Metzger 21st.

SENIOR WOMEN SECOND — Janet Stark def. Rose Harrington 3 & 2, Susie Daly def. Deb Anderson 5 & 4, Sheri Driskill def. Diane Potts 7 & 5, Barbara Pinkham def. Peggy Tomlins 2 up.

SENIOR WOMEN THIRD — Alice Hunt def. Coral Edwards 1 up, Deb Stuart def. Patti Simpson-Ward 1 up, Sue Flinchpaugh def. Becky Barry 1 up, Maggie Kilroy def. Alice Patrich 1 up.

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