September 3, 1913

September 3, 1913

The funeral services of Mayor W.W. Eifert, stricken yesterday by an attack of heart failure, will be held Friday afternoon (Sept. 5) at 2:30 o'clock under the auspices of the Elks and K. of P.'s. The services will be held in the Elks Temple. Other arrangements will be made late this afternoon.

Acting Mayor John T. Summerville will issue a proclamation today requesting that all business houses be closed during the hours of the funeral. The council Wednesday morning ordered the city hall draped for thirty days.

The active pallbearers will be three members from the Elks and K. of P. lodges, and the honorary pallbearers the members of the city council. All city employees will attend, and the city offices be closed during the final services.

Mrs. Eifert, widow of the late mayor, an invalid for years, is in critical condition as a result of the tragedy. She is under the care of physicians. An effort to withold the news from her was futile.

Deceased carried life insurance to the amount of $4,000 in two policies of $2,000 each in old line companies.

Justin Eifert, a son, arrived this morning. Mrs. Buchter will arrive tomorrow from San Francisco from a broken honeymoon. Mrs. Charles Palm, a sister of Mayor Eifert, spending the summer at Pelican Bay will reach Medford tomorrow.

Mayor Eifert was alone in the workshop of his tailoring establishment when stricken, and life had been extinct for over an hour when the body was found at 9:50 o'clock by Byer Fiyan, a small boy, who entered the store to telephone. The discovery frightened him, and he ran and told Sergeant Pat Mego, who investigated calling Deputy Coroner John A. Perl, a personal friend of the dead official.

Mayor Eifert left his home at seven o'clock to attend the council meeting, and en route stopped at his shop to attend to work a customer required today. He had removed his coat and seated himself on his work bench. In this position, evidence shows, the first attack was felt. From there he fell to the floor where found later. Death was painless and there were no signs of a struggle.

A wife, an invalid, and six children survive; the Misses Marie and Ethel, Mrs. William Barnum, Mrs. Frank Isaacs, and Mrs. J.J. Buchter, who was married Sunday, and who is now on her way home from a honeymoon trip. One son, Justin, mourns. There are other relatives in the cast.

The news of the tragic death filled the community with sorrow. He was the central figure in a bitter political battle immediately following his election last January, but this left no marks after settlement. His loss is universally mourned. He had many warm admirers, and was a true friend of the poor, giving to the needy often at personal sacrifice.