We are seeing a lot of Oregon vehicles without a front license plate and wonder how much the fine is. Or maybe it is not enforced in Southern Oregon?

Marvin and Fergy— Medford

Gentlemen? Errmm ... We are a mixed bag of males and females here at the Muddy Tributary. But, alas and alack, as we peer around the newsroom this Sunday evening, there appears to be nary a gentleman (nor lady) amongst our ink-stained wretches.

However, if one peeks out the back door into our parking lot, one will see at least one Southern Oregon vehicle, belonging to a certain Since You Asked Ticketing Information Member, with a newly attached front license.

As the fates would have it, one of our scribes was recently popped by one of Medford's finest because of her (alleged) penchant for driving about with a missing front license.

She was stopped one recent Sunday on her way back to the Mail Tribune.

Our intrepid reporter had been doing a little street cruising in the pursuit of stories when she saw the unnerving strobing of a light bar atop a blue-and-white cop car.

Being a law-abiding citizen, she dutifully pulled over, rolled down her window and pleaded for mercy as the kindly officer asked for her driver's license, vehicle registration and insurance information.

Luckily for our scribe, she also had the appropriately tagged license in her vehicle. She swears she had to get a new license because the old one was viciously attacked by her front gate which rolled the older plate up like the top of an anchovy tin.

The officer listened to her quite patiently. But she nonetheless received a $125 fix-it ticket.

I know. Bummer. Right?

However, fear not, Marvin and Fergy. The kindly officer also advised our intrepid reporter that she would not have to pay the fine, provided she get said license properly affixed to her front bumper within the next couple weeks. She also was ordered to provide proof of this to a sworn police officer at the Medford Police Department, which she did. This officer peeked at the car and signed off on her ticket. She then schlepped her ticket, and herself, upstairs to the city's municipal clerk — who issued a dismissal verification with ladylike grace.

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