Sept. 8, 1913

Sept. 8, 1913

"An Appeal to the Women of Medford:

The Civics Department of the Greater Medford Club wishes to call the attention of the women of Medford and Jackson County to the special election that is to be held tomorrow, September 9, in regard to the good roads bond issue.

Suffrage is ours now — whether or not we wanted it does not matter. Let us prove to those who are watching us — and many are — that we can be good citizens as well as good women.

Voting is as much our duty now as is keeping our door yards clean and attractive. It is not the part of a good citizen, either man or woman, to shirk his responsibility at the poll.

Surely as women, we stand for all that is good and our vision of necessity extends beyond the four walls of our home, for we cannot have a home, in the real sense of the word, without concerning ourselves with city, county, state and national affairs. Let us then take a few moments tomorrow to discharge our duty as a citizen and vote. Anyone, whether registered or not, can vote. The polling places are mentioned elsewhere in the paper. Freeholders can be found at the Hotel Nash.