Iraq 2.0?

Does anyone else feel like we're experiencing a "bum's rush" on Syria? We get exact numbers of casualties, generic and children, but we don't get details of where the munitions came from or how the agent was delivered or how we know who the aggressors are.

Assad is a bad guy; no question. But is launching strikes against "suspected" targets, killing more people, causing more suffering, going to improve the situation? I'm thinking, "Not so much."

This feels too much like Iraq déja vu. We need to collectively inform our alleged representatives of our skepticism. If there's real cause to attack Syria, lay it out for the public: no secrets; no hype; enlighten us on the necessity to slaughter more civilians.

Contact your representatives now! — Mike Harmes, Central Point

Museum hours clarified

Paul Hadella's article about the Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum was very well done. He seemed to have the kind of experience we hope all our visitors will have. However, he must have consulted an old brochure.

The station is open 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday through Monday, April through October. This is also true of our other two historic sites: Cape Blanco Lighthouse (1870) and historic Hughes House (1898), also at Cape Blanco.

All three have tours and all three are closed the same day each week: Tuesday. Come over and see us! — Shirley Nelson, Cape Blanco Heritage Society, Port Orford

Longer process is better

With global allies including Arab states, we need to make the international legal case against Assad at the United Nations as perpetrator of war crimes, and propose a tribunal before the World Court.

Even with predictable Russia/China Security Council vetoes, U.N. debate with compelling evidence and General Assembly votes would intensify global attention, raise the ethical stakes, hopefully build international consensus and ultimate cooperation in obtaining indictments against Assad's regime, place travel restrictions on his government, economic sanctions, and international cooperation in efforts to apprehend him. It is a longer course of action, not "immediately gratifying" nor indeterminately consequential as military strikes, but one that holds Assad accountable in the long run and sets a different example.

He'll surely laugh at global impotence, even after missile strikes that achieve little, while having unpredictable consequences. The laser-light needs to focus back on Assad's crimes to make him a wanted international pariah. We ought also mount massive international relief efforts for protection and care of refugees and Syrian innocents.

This is not a situation that more war can win. An international legal process would be long and slow, but after 10 years of warfare deaths, perhaps steady better achieves the goal. — Rob Hirschboeck, Ashland

System is broken

In support of Mr. Schulman's filing of a formal complaint against the Phoenix City Council: I had an issue I brought up to my city manager, who wouldn't answer me. Then my ward person said he couldn't talk, but said to "Bring it in front of the council in an open forum."

When I did, the city attorney told them not to answer, it had been addressed in an executive session. Executive sessions are a scam. D.C, Salem, Jackson County and the cities therein are politically broken.

When common sense and the law are at odds, common sense should prevail. A government of the people, by the people and for the people "¦ hogwash! It is by Attorneys and the nonsensical rules they create, not to make things work but to cover their rear ends! — Brad Martinkovich, Medford

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