September 9, 1913

September 9, 1913

By an overwhelming majority of 2279, with votes totaling 4909, with 3504 for and 1915 against, Jackson County voters men and women, went on record as favoring $500,000 bonds for a paved highway from the California line to the Josephine County boundary, the first link in the Pacific Highway. The vote was larger and the verdict more emphatic than two years ago, when 4158 votes were cast for a $1,500,000 bond issue, 2812 for and 1346 against.

Every city in the valley voted strongly for the bonds, except Butte Falls, where the vote was tied, only the outlying country precincts in the Applegate, Sams Valley, Lake Creek and Trail voting against it. Northeast Medford, with 224 to 13, is the banner good roads precinct in the county, and Watkins, with all 29 votes against it, is the banner precinct against road bonds.

Ashland voted 640 for the bonds to 276 against. Medford's total, 1650 for to 164 against; Jacksonville, 107 for to 77 against; Central Point, 158 to 134; Gold Hill, 191 to 37; Rogue River, 81 to 33; Talent, 137 to 43; Phoenix, 157 to 37; Eagle Point, 132 to 86.

As soon as the votes are officially canvassed, the county court will advertise the sale of the bonds and for contracts for the construction of the grading of the new Siskiyou Grade.

Women voted heavily in Ashland, and about a fifth of the Medford vote was from the ladies.


Dainty booths, rooms of mystery and remarkable Murphie families, raffles, delicious refreshments and a delightful ball made the indoor carnival given by the Elks' wives at the Natatorium yesterday night one of the most enjoyable affairs of the year. The carnival will be held again tonight, and an even larger crowd is expected to attend as most of those present last night expect to come again tonight.

The ball was made a perfect bower by bunting and flowers. Card tables were screeed off and booths where ice cream, home-made cake and other delicacies could be obtained. A country store, cozy, filled with home-made products, was kept by Mrs. L. Beveridge. Mrs. Fabrick owned it, but Mrs. Beveridge proved a good tenant, as almost the entire stock was sold out.