Democrats follow the leader, and the media praises their anti-democratic policies as they demonize the opposition.

Democrats follow the leader, and the media praises their anti-democratic policies as they demonize the opposition.

Republicans have conflicting views, criticize each other, object to legislation and appointments; in short, Republicans act as if we have a democracy. — Ira Edwards, Medford

It was in poor taste to use the article about the Ashland man who had the charges of rape against him dismissed to further push the claim that false reporting very rarely happens. The 2 percent figure only reflects those cases where the accuser actually confesses to the crime of false reporting or committing perjury.

Filing a false claim of rape is a heinous crime and not only destroys the life and reputation of an innocent man but also makes it more difficult for actual rape victims to get justice. Rape victim advocates should be outraged by it instead of pretending that it is not an issue. It is ridiculous to claim that is only provable by a confession.

What appears to be rare is finding a prosecutor in Jackson County who is willing to do anything about it. — Christine Damon, Ashland

I am writing to urge all concerned citizens to contact our congressmen to urge them to not approve President Obama's request for authorization to use military force against the Assad regime in retaliation for his use of chemical weapons against his own people.

Assad's actions are reprehensible and he has committed an atrocity in violation of international law. However, unilateral military action against Syria would itself be a violation of international law given that Syria does not pose an imminent threat to the security of the United States.

It is hypocritical to claim to be responding to a violation of international law by breaking another international law. To do so is not in the best interests of the United States.

President Obama campaigned on the promise that he would not enlist military action without building an international coalition in support of such action should world events call for intervention. Such a coalition does not exist. Can the U.S. alone afford to take on the role of "enforcer," morally, economically and lawfully? I think not. I urge you to contact your congressmen to tell them not to authorize the president to intervene militarily in Syria even on a limited basis. — Kathleen McNeill, Medford

Are we becoming too zealous in trying to keep our schoolchildren safe?

It is a well-established fact that some elderly people respond to animals better than to human beings. Children need to learn not to fear animals but experience firsthand the care and affection of being around them. There are some schools probably not equipped to allow them in the classrooms, so the decision of doing it should be made by each school staff. I do not believe in a policy that includes every school in the district not being allowed to use their own discrimination in allowing a child's pet to be present during classes. A recent discussion regarding school staff keeping handguns in school to keep children safe seems much more dangerous for their safety. — Doris Templeman, Medford