First President Obama must explain to the world why poison gas is more heinous and more massively destructive than deaths from his nuclear devices, his drones, his napalm, his incendiary bombs, his cluster bombs and his land mines; why gas is more likely to kill children or wedding parties than are any of the weapons he arrogates; why he doesn't understand that the U.S. Constitution assigns to Congress the power to begin and end war, and only war's execution to the president; why (on-camera) he unconstitutionally referred to "my military"; why his act of war deserves to be another unconstitutional presidential war (Dean Acheson counted 83 before Korea, beginning with George Washington); why the current leader of an unconstitutional military regime that has killed more civilians than any other regime since World War II except perhaps Pol Pot's feels entitled to unilaterally enforce the one international convention the US regime obeys; and why it's not a coincidence that the one weapon the U.S. military leader opposes is the weapon that the military tested at Fort Dietrich but doesn't currently use or sell. — Hunter Greer, Ashland

More questions

The Since You Asked column Sept. 5, "Utility bills outsourcing is cheaper," raises the questions:

  • Why did the Water Commission and the City split their bills?
  • How much was the Water Commission charging the city for the service of combing the bills, i.e., in "K.I.S.S." English, how much filthy lucre was saved?
  • What's wrong with the utility of hiring locals, thereby keeping and circulating would-be contract loot here in the form of salaries instead of feeding the money-hungry maw up north?
  • Shouldn't the city change the Public Works manager's title to Chief Outsourcing Honcho?
  • Are there any inquisitive journalists on the MT staff? — Dean O. Luke, Medford

I have a dream

I have a dream that the electorate picked their leader not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. People with character make a promise and keep the promise. Members of the greatest generation that influenced my life had character.

President Obama is a vetted promise-breaker. A case can be made that he is intelligent enough to know he would not keep many of his promises, hence lying. Now this leads me to a vetted liar who might be the next president.

I have a nightmare that the electorate will pick their leader not by the truthfulness of her words but by her gender. Many voters will ignore she is a vetted liar and ignore her dismal record as secretary of state. Would a Hillary supporter please inform me of one thing that she accomplished as secretary of state?

On a Tuesday Hillary stated that the gathering of protesters in Cairo would not be a problem because President Mubarak is a strong leader. On Thursday our ally president was forced out of office.

Benghazi attacks: Hillary falsely claimed a video caused the attacks. Will this whopper make a difference? She doesn't think so. — Bill Hartley, Medford

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