September 16, 1913

September 16, 1913

Attorney W.J. Canton today served notice on County Judge Tou Velle that he has been retained by Sheriff Singler to take legal action to force the county court to pay the widow of the late Sheriff Aug. D. Singler, a mother's pension, and that he would appeal to the circuit court on behalf of his client.

Under the law, the county judge has the final say on mothers pensions and Judge Tou Velle has ruled that the act does not apply, except where the widow is without other means of support than her own earnings. Mrs. Singler has her insurance money and a home, hence does not come under the provisions of the law.

"Sheriff Singler was appointed," states Judge Tou Velle "to take his brother's place, simply because he promised not only to take the late sheriff's office, but also to assume the care of his family. He made the county court this promise, and he received the appointment so that the family of the murdered sheriff would be cared for during the balance of his term. There was no other reason for the appointment. Now Mr. Singler is trying to evade this responsibility which he at the time gladly assumed. I do not see what his efforts can accomplish, save to give the public an insiht into his character."


An effort will be made at tonight's council meeting to elect a mayor to succeed the late W.W. Eifert. Four of the six councilmen must agree upon a choice. A preliminary meeting will be held at which the councilmen will endeavor to unite upon a choice.

Beyond the statement that no member of the present council will be elected, councilmen refuse to exress themselves. The choice will probably be narrowed down to C.E. Gates, J.E. Watt or W.H. Canon.

A large petition has been filed requesting the appointment of Gates, but whether or not it will receive any consideration depends on the action of the councilmen themselves.

The charter provides that the council elects, so that postponement to the January election will not settle the question.