Who will be mayor of Medford?

Who will be mayor of Medford?

The answer is still unknown to the general public — and the members of the council are not talking.

Supporters of C.E. Gates, who filed a petition of several hundred names requesting Gates' appointment, are indignant over the refusal of the council to even consider the position and talk of calling a mass meeting of citizens on the matter.

Mr. Gates says: "I have not sought the appointment, have not asked anyone to sign a petition, and have taken no part in the efforts made by my friends. I do not expect the appointment — but I cannot understand why the councilmen refuse even to discuss my appointment or to pay any attention to the petition they filed on my behalf. At least they might show the courtesy of a reason for ignoring the petition."

Only one of the six councilmen is known to be favorable to Gates.


ASHLAND, Sept. 19 — The city council at its last meeting by a unanimous vote poised a resolution directing the "Ashland Electric Light & Power Company" to cease selling "juice" to the citizens within the city limits, and also to commence within ten days to remove their poles and wires from the streets and alleys of the city. Under the terms of the resolution a failure to agree in writing to accept the terms of the resolution will be considered a refusal and the attorneys for the city, City Attorney Moore and Attorney Evan E. Reames of Medford, are instructed to commence ouster action at once.

The city council also appropriated the sum of $525 to be used under the direction of the finance committee for the purposes of the suit.