Regarding Helen Mary Thomas of Gold Hill, I'm not one given to prayer, but in her situation, I'm going to make an exception.

Regarding Helen Mary Thomas of Gold Hill, I'm not one given to prayer, but in her situation, I'm going to make an exception.

Irrespective of the red tape she encountered to obtain your Oregon driver's license, she is 94 years old. A driver who, with his van, ran my wife down in a parking lot, was 92, and was reissued a license at 91 despite using a walker to get to the DMV counter for his eye test.

Our gutless state Legislature would never pass needed legislation to require mandatory written retesting after age 75, or determine the van driver was impaired, so she's "safe." Other states — New Hampshire and California come to mind — have mandatory retesting programs, yet Oregon caves to lobbyists to prevent testing.

My wife now resides in a memory care facility because of the van driver's negligence. His family also is negligent for not taking away his keys or license, or at least demanding he be retested. My family won't make that mistake. I've given them instructions.

That's why I pray for Helen Mary Thomas. She should pray for her family should she harm another person in that "one more year" before she quits. — Kurt Austermann, Medford

With summer coming to a close, one has to seriously question ODFW's fish management plan at Diamond Lake this past year.

Since the lake was opened to "year-round fishing," very few fish limits (eight) were observed this summer as compared to previous years. One can only speculate as to the cause. Either the year-round fishing season took its toll or ODFW overstated the quantity of fish residing at Diamond Lake. Regardless, fishing at Diamond Lake took a nosedive.

ODFW stated the change to year-round fishing was "public driven," but my investigation suggests that was a lie, or should I say disingenuous. There was actually one person (a transplant from Minnesota to Roseburg) pushing the idea along with a few of his friends. It's also interesting ODFW did not conduct any opinion surveys at Diamond Lake from fishermen who frequent the lake. Another interesting note to consider, ODFW recently planted 16,000 legal size fish at Diamond Lake prior to Labor Day weekend. What does that suggest? I recommend ODFW re-evaluate the "year-round" fishing policy and consider reducing the limit back to five fish. ODFW should admit they made a mistake. — Randy Hutton, Medford

A big thank you to the sheriff's patrol officer who gave a warning to the young woman in the gray Chevy Cobalt who was talking on her cell phone and tailgating me on Highway 62 Saturday. I wish he had been around a few minutes later when the woman in the green Jaguar cut me off on Delta Waters at Crater Lake Avenue where the left lane going east merges to one lane with the right lane having the right of way. Drivers, please pay attention to the rules of the road. — Mary Lewis, Eagle Point

Seriously, on the anniversary of 9/11 there was no mention of this day in the Mail Tribune until you turned to page 6A! This is a day that should never be forgotten! For all of the tremendous sacrifices, loss and grief, this day should be on the front page of everyone's hearts and the front page of every newspaper! — Jody Gressett, Medford