October 5, 1913

October 5, 1913

Germany has had a taste of Oregon Bartlett pears and the fruit has struck the right spot. The first shipment of Bartlett pears ever intended for the German market has reached its destination. It was forwarded by the Northwestern Fruit Exchange from the Rogue River Fruit and Produce exchange.

A hurried reply from the German receivers to the local shippers said that the shipment while an experiment was a success in practically every way. the only exception was that the fruit was packed in full boxes while for such a long distance it should have been packed in half boxes.

Second Car Follows

Anticipating the success of the movement to introduce the Bartlett pears into the German Empire the Northwestern Fruit Exchange soon after the initial shipment sent a mixed carload of Bosc, Anjous, Howells and Comice to that market. The shipment is now on the high seas having left New York last Thursday.

The Bartlett pear has never before been introduced in the German markets because the bulk of the fruit trade of Germany is controlled by a few brokers of Hamburg who were rather conservative and did not intend to try any experiments which might lose for them the shipments of apples which are grown by practically the same parties who are asking them to try the pears.

Samuel Edmonston of Ashland, aged 14 years, appeared before Prosecutor Kelly of the juvenile court this afternoon to answer to the charge of defacing the windows of the Elks club at Ashland by scratching the windows. The young man is alleged to have drawn a sharp instrument across the plate glass in a spirit of mischievousness, causing a heavy damage. He was bound over by Justice Hart of Ashland. He was turned over to his father on probation by the court.