October 7, 1913

October 7, 1913

Interest in the World Series game at New York furnished by the United Press through the Mail Tribune reached fever heat locally this morning, and a crowd of 200 stood around in the rain to listen to the returns. The crowd was with the Giants, and cheered instantly whenever the Big Town scored a run. However, the Mackmen were not without their supporters.

Considerable wampum was wagered on the Giants by the same crowd that always backed them against the Athletics, and generally lost. The chief mourners today were Edgar Hafer, Boby Brevard, "Dad" Beveridge, Judge Colvig and Dave Woods. The major part of the rejoicing was let loose by Judges Tou Velle, Kelly and Withington.

Towns and cities adjacent to Medford also showed interest in the game and telephoned in for news regarding the games.

The second game of the series will be played tomorrow at Philadelphia, and the returns of the second contest will be received and given by the Mail Tribune, beginning at 11 o'clock.

The federal court for the fall term for the Southern Oregon district convened this afternoon at two o'clock in the Moose Hall with Judge Wolverton presiding. District Attorney Clarence L. Reames will represent the government. U.S. Clerk A.N. Canon, U.S. Marshal J.J. Montague, and Deputy Marshal McClain, all of Portland, also are in attendence, arriving this morning.

Two civil cases occupy the attention of the court. One is the civil suit of Bonney vs. Hickey and involves the ownership of a stallion. Nothing but a point of law will be decided, and no jury will be called for this case.

The other case is the damage suit against the California-Oregon Electric Company.

Ernest Forman of Jacksonville will plead guilty this afternoon to refusing to answer a subpoena.

It is expected that the sessions of the court will be continued by Friday. A jury will be impaneled this afternoon for the hearing of the cases.

The case of United States vs. Kesterson, a civil action to recover damages for timber trespass has been postponed until December 9 on application of the defense.