Enough money for mansions

I just saw something on Channel 12 that was so hard to believe. A billionaire and his wife spent $100 million on building a mansion bigger than the White House. The announcer said you can fit two 757 airliners inside of it.

That money could help starving children, children's hospitals, plus water and food for starving people in other countries. What are we thinking when we are so selfish that we spend our money on something like that enormous home?

God bless all of you who take care of the needy and hungry people here and all over the world. — Gloria Ruth, Central Point

Chicken hawk GOP

One of the talking points of the GOP and tea party is the notion, taken from the Bible, that says, "If you don't work, you should not eat."

If this statement is true, I would like them to explain this logic to the thousands of junior enlisted men and women in the U.S. military who depend on food stamps, WIC and SNAP to augment their food budgets each month.

Could it be that most of the GOP and tea party are "chicken hawks" and have never spent one single day in uniform in defense of this country? — Lindsay Earl Paulk, White City

Timber bill misrepresented

Don't be fooled by the campaign against HR 1526, the Healthy Communities and Healthy Forest bill. You are being told by those opposed to the bill that it is supported by big bad industry; it will clearcut thousands of acres; it won't abide by current environmental laws and that logs will be exported.

The truth is, the bill is supported by local governments, schools, leaders and those who value libraries and law enforcement. HR 1526 has to obey all environmental laws. Sustained yield is required by the bill, so less than the annual growth will be cut out of the forest. It is illegal to export logs from federal forest lands.

Beware of the misrepresentations by those who are campaigning against the bill. Winning by misrepresentation goes too far. Read the bill and you will see, the scare tactics are just that. Don't be fooled. Tell Sen. Ron Wyden to support HR 1526. — Sue Kupillas, executive director, Communities for Healthy Forests Inc.

The closing of Crater Lake

Now is a good time to take out the tour boat that is polluting our so-called pristine lake and leave it out forever and never allow more motor craft in it.

This isn't the only boat that's been in the lake polluting it. I'm sure that the pollutants have already started — what is called gassed algae, which forms under water on the sides and bottom. Put a stop to it now! — Harold Saunders, Jacksonville

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