No sense of history

What are the Republicans thinking in holding the president and country hostage to their childish, vindictive, sanctimonious effort to close down the government? Don't they have any sense of history of what happened in '94 when they elected to do this?

To refresh their collective memories, the last fiasco spelled the end of the "illustrious" career of Newt Gingrich (good riddance) and a disastrous defeat for them at the polls. They must be drinking something other then tea or smoking an illegal substance! "The party of NO" has done it again and is in the process of again alienating the American public.

But of course this is really about their hatred for our president and the fact that he is a black man. So let's withhold health care for our fellow citizens and cut food stamps for our indigent and working poor — is that the way they want to be remembered for posterity?

Absolutely without a doubt this is the worst House of Representatives ever elected, and it looks like they're grooming the next McCarthy in the Senate but his name is Cruz, a totally ignorant nonentity who even looks like McCarthy! — Yale Sacks, Central Point

The lowly leaf blower

Pity the lowly leaf blower. It didn't mean to become man's most obnoxious tool. Consider its demerits:

Its role in civilization is to move your leaves and dust over into your neighbor's leaves and dust. It's loud, resembling a mega-mosquito inside your head. It pollutes, both the air and quiet.

It is anti-exercise, supplanting raking and brooming. That is the wrong way to go as we grow rounder.

And the poor guy only wanted to be part of evolution. — Ben Benjamin, Ashland

GOP antics frightening

As a liberal Democrat, I find the latest antics of congressional Republicans both hilarious and frightening. Hilarious because they completely misread the polling numbers on Obamacare. Yes, I'm also unhappy with Obamacare, but primarily because it doesn't go far enough in addressing the root causes of mounting health care costs: huge corporate profits, bloated marketing expenditures and a techno-interventionist paradigm that trivializes holistic health and alternative therapies. For starters.

Obviously, I more strongly oppose the Republican "alternative," which is basically to strip the working poor of even basic and sensible care. So their assumption that my disenchantment with Obamacare translates into support for what they are doing — holding the economy hostage — is laughable. Yet, what this could do to our economy is downright frightening. — Bruce Borgerson, Ashland

Waging war on ourselves

I am convinced that the wars this country wages on foreign soil have a huge impact on all U.S. citizens. I am further convinced that the most important war is the war that American politicians are bringing to the American public.

Politics are killing this country. The recent childlike bickering should be enough to make it very clear. — Ray R. Willett, Phoenix

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