October 13, 1913

October 13, 1913

"Josephine County will come to Medford with a large delegation of representative men and women on Wednesday the 15th," remarked Tom Richardson upon his return from Grants Pass today. He continued:

"Ashland will also be here in goodly numbers, and it now devolves upon Medford to get busy, urging the presence of the commanding men and women of all other communities of the Rogue River Valley.

"This meeting should be just a beginning of a continued movement which will unite the interests of this valley," continued Mr. Richardson.

"The Rogue River Valley must look the facts in the face. Extremely little travel stops at any station in the valley. Most of the travel is from city to city or from San Francisco to Portland to San Francisco. Now the only way to help out this situation is active work here at home.

"No other community on the coast knows the game better than the people of the Rogue.

"Seventy-five per cent of the people who visit Rogue River Valley points leave home with that intention. They buy their tickets with that purpose in view.

"Complaining about the railroads do no good, but do a lot of harm by excusing your home folks from doing their duty.

"Blaming another community for your misfortunes only advertises you as a coward."

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