Truth, or the Onion?

Reading Ira Edwards' editorial from Oct. 6, I thought I was reading a copy of the Onion. With our form of government it is possible for one party to shut it down. The tea party has proved this point.The GOP fears the billionaires funding the tea party, knowing they will be "primaried" by an ultraconservative if they do not toe the line.

The ACA is the result of compromise. The Democrats preferred a single-payer plan. Obama knew that wouldn't pass and submitted an old GOP/Heritage Foundation plan, now known as "Obamacare." The GOP has voted to defund Obamacare over 40 times. They know it will not happen. The ACA was a compromise. It is no longer a bill up for debate. It is law.

The GOP campaigned on shutting down the government. They have never been shy expressing their hate of government. On the night of Obama's inauguration, a cabal of Republicans met and vowed to say no to Obama on every issue: http://bit.ly/15UVZ0C. It gets comical watching Republicans filibuster their own bills after discovering Obama likes the bill. The shutdown is nothing more than a continuation of this plan. — Eric Kees, Medford

Nightmare on Elm Street

I take issue with the "cute" headline for a serious story treating issues of public safety and private responsibility. May I request a follow-up piece, where your reporter seeks out these speeders, to ask (and I am genuinely curious):

Why do you ignore and flout posted speed limits throughout Medford? Do the rules not apply to you? Are you not paying attention to your speedometer or the conditions? Does your compulsion to drive too fast trump the safety and right-of-way of all others? Are you the type inclined to get away with illegal behavior when you know you won't be caught?

On our street, drivers obey the posted 25 mph limit only when the occasional photo enforcement van appears, advertising its presence with signs and cones. That is to say, these drivers fall into the category of my last question above.

A much-used word in local media is "community." Chronic speeding is not the behavior of persons who feel part of a community. All the signage, concern and even enforcement won't matter if drivers don't choose to behave like citizens. Speeders: Think twice about whether the risk of accident or injury is worth the "reward" of getting to the next red light even quicker. — Laurie Zelesnikar, Medford

Front page?

The first thing I saw on the front page of the paper Oct. 8 was your story about the three locals that missed out on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon due to the government shutdown. Really? Front page? Are you doing news or your assigned duty? — Bruce Ascuena, Central Point

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