October 22, 1913

October 22, 1913

Frank Seymour, alias Parker, who with Mike Spanos is sentenced to be hanged Oct. 31, writes the Mail Tribune promising another "confession" before he dies, in which he will reveal the name of the real murderer of George Dedaskalous, the Greek he is convicted with Spanos of killing. Seymour made some six different confessions while here and recently made a seventh to the warden of the penitentiary, similar to one of those made here, in which Tom Frekas, the Greek section hand, recently convicted of stealing apples, is accused of the crime.

Seymour is evidently growing younger with the years, as he says he is but 18, while two years ago he claimed to be 19. The letter is evidently a plea for sympathy to aid in securing signatures to the petition being circulated asking the governor to pardon. Despite the fact that the murder was revoltingly cold-blooded and both convicted men worthless degenerates, the petitions have been freely signed by those who do not believe in capital punishment. The letter follows:

OREGON STATE PENITENTIARY, Salem, Ore., Oct. 16th, 1913.

Editor of Mail Tribune

Dear Sir,

You will do me a great favor by publishing what follows.

I have been sentenced to hang on the 31st of this month. I would like to say that I am hanging because I was fool enough to keep my word. I gave my word that I would not tell who killed George. If it had not been for me there would have been lots of difference. I would not be where I am today if I had did as the sheriff asked me to, the man that killed George is laughing at me now. I saved him and hang myself. I have got nobody to blame but myself. It was just a lot of ignorance on my part, the papers are all the time telling about them to Greeks. If you don't know that I am not a Greek, I will tell you I am not a Greek, but I am not any better. A Greek is just as good as I am. My father is English and my mother is Spanish. I got word today that my mother has been dead two years. I left home in 1906. I was in knee pants when I left. I am 18 years old. I think it is pretty hard when a man my age has got to die. But I am going to let you know who killed George, the Greek, before I die, I am.

Yours truly