November 3, 1913

November 3, 1913

Damaging evidence against Wilber Kime of Griffin Creek, whose rifle ended the life of George Bigham of Oregon City on Trail Creek last Thursday while hunting deer, was given at the coroner's inquest this morning and which will be concluded this afternoon.

William Bigham, brother of the dead man, was the principal witness and he gave a plain and vivid narration on the tragedy. He drew a map of the scene of the shooting and declared his brother was shot in "open country."

Shot in Open Country

According to Bigham, Kime's story does not agree with the facts as he gathered them. He claims the shooting occurred in a piece of ground covered with "quickenass" bushes, none reaching to the waist and that no large trees obstructed the view. This was in contradiction to the testimony of Kime, and his two companions, Quackenbush and Walters.

Bigham told of meeting Kime and his companions after the shooting. They called to him and asked him if his name was Bigham.

"Then I have killed your brother," he said Kime told him. "God knows it was an accident, and I want you to forgive me."

"What could I do?" Bigham told the jury. "It would have done me no good to kill him."