November 4, 1913

November 4, 1913

General apathy marked the referendum election in this city today, up to 2 o'clock but one tenth of the registered vote being cast. Little interest is manifested. Few women have voted, though this afternoon is expected to see an increase.

At the city hall, North Central precinct, out of 468, 52 had voted, 9 being women. In Southeast Medford, 25 had voted at the same hour, 8 being women. At Smith's hall, out of 372 registered, 42 had voted, four being women. Country precincts were late in organizing and report a light vote.

One Front Street saloon posted a sign on the front door bearing the mild sarcasm, "Just Another Election."

The chief local interest centers in Tammany's fight in New York and the result of the "wet-dry" vote in Eagle Point.

Saloons and banks were closed all day.

Ti Lee, a Chinese cook at the Nash Grill pulled a six-shooter on Charlie Mong, an Ashland Chinese man, in front of the Manhattan Cafe about 11 o'clock this morning, but Sergeant Pat Mego took the weapon away from him before he could pull the trigger. Both men were insane with rage and hurled death threats in their native tongue. Both are in the city jail awaiting a preliminary hearing before Justice Taylor.

Mong came up from Ashland yesterday to Ti Lee, and local Chinese claim they have been arguing the question ever since. The debt was contracted, they say, in a poker game, and that Ti Lee owes much money, which he refuses to pay. Ti Lee, they declare, was getting ready to leave on the train when Mong made his demand. Ti Lee then made his gun play which Sergeant Mego thwarted by nearly twisting the wrist off the man.

The pair were put in separate cells in the city jail, where they continued their argument. According to the police, Ti Lee has been on the warpath for the last month, and in an ugly mood all the time.

The Elks this afternoon are celebrating the beginning of work on their new $35,000 club house at Fifth and Central. At 2:30 o'clock the lodge members marched in a body from their lodge rooms to the site, and each Elk turned a shovelful of earth towards the excavating of the basement. The contractors will begin work tomorrow morning. Short talks will be made by T.E. Daniels, Exalted Ruler A.C. Burgess, Attorney B.F. Mulkey and other Elks.