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  • Oregon murder trial spurs question on vampires

    Attorneys ask witness whether the accused seems like a vampire; jury later finds Paul Sanelle guilty in girlfriend's beating death
  • HILLSBORO — Circuit Court jurors in the Portland suburb of Hillsboro took less than an hour Friday to convict a man of murder in the beating death of a girlfriend.
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  • HILLSBORO — Circuit Court jurors in the Portland suburb of Hillsboro took less than an hour Friday to convict a man of murder in the beating death of a girlfriend.
    The jury found Paul Sanelle guilty in the April 29, 2012, death of 26-year-old Julianne Herinckx, The Oregonian reported. She died of blunt-force injuries to her head and a crush injury to her chest.
    Sentencing was set for Nov. 15.
    Washington County Deputy District Attorney Gina Skinner told jurors in closing arguments Friday that Sanelle made it his full-time job to control and manipulate Herinckx and another girlfriend.
    The women were seen in public with obvious injuries.
    Defense lawyer Dean Smith said aggressive sparring matches between the two women routinely left them both battered. The lawyer said his client taught the women to work through their emotions in the matches. Smith argued unsuccessfully that the prosecution had not proven Sanelle delivered the fatal beating.
    During testimony on Thursday, a friend of Sanelle, John Monk, testified that he was unfazed by the bruises he saw on the two women. Monk said he knew the bruises were from Sanelle's defense training and sword-fighting rituals.
    Monk testified that he and Sanelle shared interests in many topics: herbs, martial arts, politics, government collapse, anticipated difficulties in society requiring food and weapons preparedness.
    At one point Thursday, the newspaper said, lawyers for both sides asked Monk whether Sanelle was a vampire. He said he couldn't be sure.
    "I can't say indisputably that he's not," Monk testified. "But I've never seen him act on that if he was."
    Monk, who is 30 years older than Sanelle, distinguished between "energy vampires," which he said drain people's energy and "blood vampires," which drain blood.
    "I know energy vampires when I see them," he said. "But other than that, I have not seen a blood vampire."
    Some of his friends are energy vampires, Monk said.
    "Energy vampires are more common," he said. "I don't have any figures on that, but I do know there's a lot of them."
    Chief Deputy District Attorney Roger Hanlon asked, any idea of how many blood vampires there are in Washington County?
    "No, I've not physically encountered one," he said.
    Do you have a friend who's an elf? Hanlon asked.
    "Oh, yes," Monk said, referring to someone named "Badger," who was described as tall and thin without pointy ears.
    Everyone has a different reality, Monk said.
    "Oh, I'm definitely in a different reality from the two of you," he said referring to the attorneys. "One, I doubt that you guys believe in the other realms that exist because you're lawyers. Most lawyers I've found only believe in what they can see and touch."
    Monk went on to talk about the powers that some people possess.
    "I can teleport to realms," he said. "Actually it's astral projection. You're just moving your soul."
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