November 10, 1913

November 10, 1913

Professor O'Gara, the county pathologist, who is an authority on the planting and care of roses, will visit each school building in Medford tomorrow and instruct the children on the preparation of the soil — the proper depth of planting and all other points necessary in producing the most perfect blossoms.

Mrs. Edgar. B. Hafer will accompany Professor O'Gara to the schools. The bundles of cuttings will be delivered to each teacher, who will distribute them to her classes.


Automobile accidents of the last week hereabouts netted one death and a serious injury, both caused by careless light precautions.

August Lawrentz, aged 66, who was struck by an auto driven by W.H. Gore on the Jacksonville road Thursday night (Nov. 6, 1913), died this morning at 5 o'clock. The dead man absolved all others of blame. He was running without any lights. The funeral services will be held Wednesday. Lawrentz was a juror at the present term of court.

Sunday night about 6 o'clock "Blondy" Sayles and Dan Jordan, employed at the electric power house at Ashland, were riding their motorcycles toward this city on the Ashland road with no lights.