November 11, 1913

November 11, 1913

New developments in the case of the five young men appearing before Probation Officer Kelly yesterday came to light today, when it was learned one of the witnesses and one of the boys on probation indulged in a fist fight, the object being to punish the witness for talking. The young men will appear again before Judge Kelly for explanation.

Ray Trowbridge, first named by the authorities as a member of the gang, was not present when the party dainties were stolen from the George Laidley home, his name being given to the police by a boy who had a grudge against him.

Those appearing before the juvenile court were Jay Olmstead, Kenneth Jerome, Arthur Spooner, Floyd Lance and Don Watson. These were the ringleaders and others in the raid will be rounded up tomorrow.

The Medford Rod and Gun club announce a big shoot for Tuesday, Nov. 18, the day following the Giants-White Sox ball game. There will be 10 15-bird events, $10 with merchandise prizes added for each event. Extra events will fill out the day.

The annual shoot for the Mail Tribune cup for the score made by local shooters will also be an event. There is a new cup this year, Dr. Scheeley having won the old cup for keeps by winning it twice. The cup was variously won by J.E. Enyart, L.D. Minear and Dr. Seeley.

Shooters will be in attendance from all southern Oregon points. In addition. professional marksmen will also be here, among them Dryden, Morris, Van Arman, Parnott, Reid and Poston.



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