November 12, 1913

November 12, 1913

The governors of nearly every state in the union have requested everyone, and especially the hotels, to feature apples on Nov. 18, Apple Day, solely in the interest of health.

The following menu of the Hotel Medford certainly looks attractive and others should follow the example:

Apple Butter Canape

Apple Soup, German style, Consomme Gravenstein

Baked Halibut with Apple Cider Sauce

Croquettes of Veal in Apple Baskets

Apple Fritters, Wine Sauce

Roast Saddle of Pork with Apple Croquettes

Roast Domestic Duckling with Apple Sauce,

Baked Potato, Peas in Cream

Apple and Nut Salad

Baked Rogue River Apple with Cream

Apple Meringue Pie, Apple Cake, Baked Apple Dumplings, Apple Turnovers, Apple Cobler, Baked Stuffed Apple

H.R. Brockman of Ashland, indicted by the grand jury for indecent exposure is on trial in the circuit court this afternoon, a jury being selected this morning. A verdict is expected late this afternoon.

Tomorrow the trial of Henry Mynott, charged with horse stealing will be called, and then Boggs and Titus, accused of contributing to the deliquency of Myrtle Hanscom and Beatrice Kavanaugh will be put on trial.

Advertisement: Do not let this serious disease extend along the delicate mucous membrane gradually going from the throat, thence into the bronchial tubes and downward into the lungs.

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Begin using Hyomel now — today — and see how quickly the droppings into the throat, the discharge from the nose, sniffling and all other symptoms of catarrh are overcome: and remember — no stomach drugging — you breathe it. The complete outfit containing inhaler and bottle of liquid costs $1.00. Extra bottles of liquid, if later needed, 50 cents. Chas. Strang, druggist.