This is a thank you to the young gentleman who stepped up and paid for my groceries at Rays when their cash register wouldn't take credit cards or checks.

This is a thank you to the young gentleman who stepped up and paid for my groceries at Rays when their cash register wouldn't take credit cards or checks.

That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I was speechless. Sorry I didn't get your name.

A huge "thank you" from a grateful great-grandma. — E. Smith, Phoenix

Before the government shutdown, as Harry Reid refused to negotiate, the media blamed Republicans for the closure. But that proved to be the perfect "briar patch" to be thrown into once the shortcomings of Obamacare became known to the public. The Obamacare debut was so bad the Obama-media-complex couldn't hide it and anti-Republican polls reversed themselves and voters realized the world would be a better place if Ted Cruz had been able to defund it.

Only President Obama didn't seem to get it and now he intends to promote another piece of massively complex legislation, Comprehensive Immigration Reform. But the public won't be fooled twice. Now they know this president will happily grant waivers to his political friends and he'll pick and choose which parts of a law he will — or will not — enforce. They know too, most illegal aliens in America are poorly educated, so they'll probably vote Democrat, creating even more Reids and Obamas.

In short, the president has blown his cover. He was able to keep enough folks in the dark to push through Obamacare, but his chances of doing that with immigration reform are pretty much zilch to none.

And that's a very good thing. — Robert Bennett, Grants Pass

How about if the school district just fires everyone and devises a new contract using current economics. Hire back only those that agree to new terms.

1. District will pay for the employee's health insurance. If the employee wishes to add family coverage or vision/dental, they do so at their cost, not at the cost of the district.

2. District will match employee contribution up to 3 percent of annual salary. This will be a match system only. No contribution from employee equals no district contribution. There is no guaranteed rate of return.

3. Range and step increases and cost-of-living increase when the CPI is above a certain number.

4. No double dippers in any area of the district — no one collects retirement and continues collecting a salary. If one retires, they are retired. No one retires with more than (65 percent?) of last salary.

Teachers, administrators and all school employees need to realize that the taxpayers who have none of the above benefits are footing the bill for excessive benefits for the district.

Teachers: Add together your salary and benefits — they are way above the norm. Be satisfied you have a job. If not satisfied, try another occupation. — Eileen Whitty, Medford

In the last year, since purchasing our home, we have discovered a horrendous lack of customer service in this valley. I will list them in order:

1. Four months to complete the purchase and installation of a tankless water heater. Problem? city, utility and contractor — no communication.

2. Fall Home Show — signed up for several bids/demonstrations. Two for tree work, two for chimney/fireplace work, one for a demonstration of a product. Results: one bid for tree work was four times more than the other; they obviously did not want the work. One took four weeks to get the bid back after their visit.

3. Chimney/fireplace work, no calls received. We had to call them a second and third time.

4. Demonstration of product: We got the demonstration — said they would call back the next day for our decision — no call, ever.

5. Lawnmower repair — took in for repair — three weeks later, we called to see if it was ready — yes — forgot to call us. Went to pick up and had to wait 30 minutes for an invoice to be made.

6. Letter to editor — too long — their notification got lost in their email system!

7. Two hundred words — whew! — Jill Stout, Central Point