November 19, 1913

November 19, 1913

NEW YORK, Nov. 19. — Threatened with the loss of half their incomes through a successful fight of moving picture concerns against the copyright law, members of the Authors league, of which Colonel Theodore Roosevelt is a vice-president, were preparing today to test the law before the supreme court.

The league's fight will hinge on a decision by a Los Angeles court upholding the contention of a motion picture company that once a story is printed, either serially or in book form, the copyright is void and may be reprinted, dramatized or used by moving picture concerns.

The Los Angeles decision was rendered in a suit against the Balbon Moving Picture Company instituted by Jack London.

An interstate celebration to mark breaking ground for the Pacific Highway is proposed by members of the county court, seconded by State Engineer Bowby. Contracts will be awarded Wednesday. It is suggested that Governor West and Governor Johnson of California and Siskiyou and Jackson County officials alike hands across the border and that Sam Hill, father of good roads in the northwest, turn the first shovelful of earth for the new highway. These events to be followed by a get-together banquet at Medford.

Bids were opened Wednesday afternoon for paving the Central Point sections and grading the Siskiyou divisions. Rights-of-way for both sections have been secured and as soon as the bids have been tabulated and totals figured, contracts will be awarded.