December 4, 1913

December 4, 1913

Anna Held of the famed champagne bath in Pittsburg and "the eyes that won't behave" and "incomparable beauty" arrived in Medford this morning on her special train and for fifteen minutes an awed Mail Tribune reporter talked with one of the world's greats. He met her in her boudoir, and the Parisian star chatted of scenery and apples, lost jewels with all the vivacity of a pettted favorite's command.

Anna talks with a French accent.

"Ze apple, ze apple! I shall buy ze orchard and tempt au ze Adams."

After this Beatrice, the maid, exhibited the beautiful gowns and brilliant jewels of Miss Held, but every avenue of escape was blocked.

"Ze earthquake, I loves ze earthquake! So grandee, you know we have one now," enthused the charming Anna. The desire for an earthquake! So grandee. Can not we ability to cause?

This afternoon Miss Held will go for an auto ride through the valley. The weather man is not "in bad."

"Ze fog! Oh, ze fog! Tees grandee after ze sun shine. I loves ze fog."

Incidentally from her interview there is nothing in range of her car window she does not love.

Miss Held has been called a beauty. She is. And the glare of the footlight is liable to show a 100 percent increase over the boudoir survey.

Opening at the Star Theatre today Manager Burkhart has secured an exceptionally strong act of vaudeville. Mack & Fox in their clever singing, national and novelty dancing act, the only act of its kind in vaudeville, featuring their own original shackle dance, pedestal dance and electric spark dance. Special scenery and electrical effects are used.

The photoplays for today are above the average featuring a two reeler by the Imp company, dealing with the white slave question.