George Will needs to do his homework.

George Will needs to do his homework.

A recent rant (Nov. 28) decried American University offering a course on "Fifty Shades of Grey." But it's a sociology course that uses the books as a starting point on sexuality and relationships in popular culture, and the effect that has on young people.

In other words, it's a serious class. (I suspect many of the kids who sign up for it will be disappointed).

Will also complained about the efforts to get Jane Austen on British currency. Silly, right? Will makes no mention of the death/rape threats the women received. I guess he has no problem with that.

When is the Tribune going to drop this out-of-touch clown? — Margaret Y. Graham, Medford

Regarding Carol Oneal's Nov. 24 column about foods: Commercial and home-based breeders (seed growers and savers) in the Rogue Valley have spent years developing and selecting seeds for traits in plants that allow them thrive in our climate. However, a foreign corporation here is growing seeds (patented, intellectual property) developed in a faraway laboratory and planted here only to replicate and then be exported out of the county.

They make millions of dollars while Jackson County landowners only get a few hundred dollars a year. Worse yet, pollen drift from their product in our narrow, windy valley has caused many farms here to destroy years of hard work in order to protect their markets and product certifications.

Some farmers simply stopped growing and selecting their own seeds they spent years developing. They are now forced to buy them from some other place. Is it any wonder that the citizens of this county want to protect their local farms with a GMO crop ban? The choice is clear. Healthy local farms or corporations exploiting Jackson County land for no benefit to our citizens. Vote yes on 15-119 in May 2014! Right to farm not to harm! — Catherine Schwarz, Ashland

Taxed Enough Already. Any measure that takes money out of people's pockets should be voted on by the people. I do not like the City Council approving a new police station without voter approval.

The chief of police conducted a telephone poll and the voters resoundingly rejected funding a new station. Comments to the effect that the public is in danger from criminals being escorted is pure hogwash. Come on, Chief, come up with a better excuse to get a new office.

I pay almost 10 percent of my income to the city of Medford and Jackson County (property taxes and water bill taxes). The City Council should not take other people's money without giving them the right to vote on it.

I can't imagine how much financial damage they will do in another year. We are in, or coming out of a recession, have high unemployment, and they are spending us into poverty. Please stop. If anyone wants to start a recall of our City Council before the put us all into the poorhouse, I will volunteer to help. — Roger Hamilton, Medford

The initial cost of Google's website was $2 million. First day hits on the website, millions. The system did not crash. Results? A free-market success story.

The initial cost of the Obamacare government website was untold tens and tens of millions of dollars. First day hits on the website, unknown — the system crashed and burned. Results? A dismal failure.

Cover Oregon, thank you Peter Buckley and Alan Bates, this is your baby. The initial cost of this Cover Oregon nightmare? Unknown, but hold onto your wallet. Results? Another dismal failure.

Free markets and a free people. That system works. Leftist economics and social policy never work, have never worked, and will never work as long as a free and an informed people are given a choice. — Doug Dusenberry, Gold Hill