December 9, 1913

December 9, 1913

Cigar stores in pursuance to the drastic anti-gambling ordinance have posted notices that they will give no more trade-checks for social games of cards, and hereafter charge ten cents per hour for each player a table. There was a noticeable decrease in business. The slot machines in many bars dodge the ordinance, being built for a technical evasion of just such a law.

ASHLAND, Dec. 9. — Saturday a local bank honored a requisition for nickels by supplying $5 gold pieces instead, the yellow coin to the extent of $200 being handed over in lieu of the five-centers, which were wanted for small change in merely a nominal amount.

The Southern Pacific ticket office was the recipient of this shower of gold, and readily exchanged it for the baser metal, greatly to the relief of the bank officials from president down to paying teller.

LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 9 — Vancouver, B.C., and Vancouver, Wash., will fight it out here tonight in the Vernon arena when Frank Barrieau and Bud Anderson meet in a scheduled 20-round match for the welter-weight honors of the Pacific Coast.

Barrieau hails fom the Canadian Vancouver, where he recently brought notice to himself by artistically trimming Leach Cross in a 12-round bout. Anderson comes from the Washington town, via Medford, Ore., and as a slugger already has a place in the hearts of fight fans here.

For both boys the match is of the utmost importance. The same Cross that met a surprise in Barrieau put Anderson away here after Bud had beaten Joe Mandot and K.O. Brown in the Vernon ring. Appendicitis, which necessitated an operation on Anderson the following day, provided a fair enough excuse for the setback. Tonight's battle should show definitely whether he is through as a topnotcher or still is rugged enough to slug his way to more victories.

Barrieau, if he wins, will disprove the claim that his Cross victory was a fluke,and at the same time open the way to several lucrative matches here.

The boys must weigh 1351/2; four hours before the bout. Both are near the weight. Anderson is a 10 to 6 favorite. George Blake will referee. Three preliminaries are scheduled.