So, what's the latest on OR-7?

So, what's the latest on OR-7?

Joseph, Ashland

OR-7, the wandering, radio-collared wolf that has been searching for a mate across Oregon and California for more than two years, is still hanging out in southeastern Jackson County and southern Klamath County.

But he did do a little day-tripping during the recent cold spell.

The California Department of Fish and Game reports that OR-7's GPS-transmitting collar showed he crossed the border into northern Siskiyou County briefly Saturday, then returned to Oregon.

OR-7's country song-like search for a mate has made international news and has had those of us at Since You Asked Central hopping the past two years.

OR-7, who will turn 4 years old next spring, got his name because he was the seventh wolf captured and fitted with a GPS-transmitting collar that has allowed state and federal biologists to track his whereabouts ever since he left Northeastern Oregon in search of new territory and a mate in September 2011.

After a year-long stint in California, OR-7 has been hanging out pretty consistently in southeast Jackson County and southwest Klamath County since March, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In early 2012, he became the first known wolf in Western Oregon since 1937. When he crossed into California, he became the first known wolf in the Golden State since 1924.

And still, biologists say, there's no evidence he's found a mate.

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