December 12, 1913

December 12, 1913

The initiative amending the charter of the city of Medford so as to take the salaries off mayor and councilmen and restore the character to its original form, first step in the campaign of municipal economy planned by business men is being largely signed wherever presented. Few have refused signatures, indicating the move is a popular one. The petition will be presented to the city recorder in the next day or two and will be acted upon at the next council meeting and submitted to the people at the January election.

Recall petitions are in circulation in the three wards for the holdover councilmen, Porter in the first ward, Miller in the third and Stewart in the second. Over 200 signatures have been secured for the recall in the second ward, and nearly as many in the third, while the petition in the first is being largely signed despite influence brought to bear upon the circulators who allege that the administration is working hard against the petitions and peddling promises of jobs and stories of recall failure without foundation in fact.

The idea of the recall, as explained by one of those pushing it, is to enable the election of a complete new council, not affiliated in any way with the present council, which can put into effect a program of economy unhampered by acts of the previous administration.

There is no recall petition out for Mayor Purdin, as has been reported, as the law requires that an officer must hold office for six months before the recall can be invoked.

ROME, Dec. 12. — "La Giaconda," or the "Mona Lisa" as it is also called, has been found in Florence, according to a statement issued here tonight by Minister of Public Instruction Credaro.

The picture, a priceless work by Leonardo Da Vinci, was stolen from the Louvre, in Paris, some time ago. The alleged thief, an Italian, was arrested at the same time the painting was recovered.

That the work had been found was reported by the government director of fine arts by telephone to Credaro. It was stated no details would be made public until the French authorities were heard from.