A fire that destroyed the Marie Callender's on Biddle Road last week didn't deter its employees from baking a fresh set of pies for the holidays.

A fire that destroyed the Marie Callender's on Biddle Road last week didn't deter its employees from baking a fresh set of pies for the holidays.

Less than a block from the burned out restaurant, employees set up a white tent next to Applebee's on Sunday and rapidly sold out of razzleberry, one of the most popular pies.

There was plenty of pumpkin, apple and double lemon left for customers, who made donations to help out Marie Callender's employees.

"It's so sad," said Brooke Breazeale, a 41-year-old Medford resident, who picked up pumpkin and apple pies.

She said she passed the Marie Callender's on Dec. 14 and her daughter pointed out the burned-out remnants of the restaurant and a fire truck spraying water on the building.

She asked employees if they planned to rebuild, but they told her they weren't sure yet.

"I hope they do," Breazeale said. "Every time my mother-in-law comes to town, she wants to go there. It's her favorite."

Robert Baxter, assistant general manager of the restaurant, said the pies were cooked in Redding, Calif. However, the oven in Redding only held 72 pies at a time, while the Medford restaurant could handle 120.

The Fred Meyer store in south Medford allowed Marie Callender's employees to use its kitchen to make whipping cream for the pies.

Normally, Baxter prepares 1,200 pies for the holiday season but only made 700 this year.

He said pies are typically only kept for five days, but to ensure freshness with travel time, they will only be sold for three days, Sunday through Tuesday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

By Sunday afternoon, about 100 pies had been sold.

"We're selling, selling, selling," said Baxter. "The rest will be donated to places like ACCESS."

James McKeane, general manager of Marie Callender's, said sales from the pies will probably not net any profits considering the costs of sending employees to Redding.

"It's a tradition to have a Marie Callender's pie," he said. "That's our goal — to keep the tradition alive."

Applebee's will also be donating 15 percent of its sales to employees of Marie Callender's.

Many passersby were unaware that the pies were being sold until they saw the tent.

"We just came down to get some coffee," said Marv Dunn, a 76-year-old Medford resident.

As his wife looked on, Dunn got a lemon cream cheese pie.

"I will probably eat it all by myself," he said. "But my son is pretty good at sniffing it out, so maybe he will help out."

Medford resident Kari Supplee said she and her friend buy pies every couple of months as a treat.

They bought a double lemon and a sugar-free raspberry.

"We're glad they were able to have pies for the holidays after what happened," Supplee said.

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