Here's what Mail Tribune website users were interested in this past year:

Here's what Mail Tribune website users were interested in this past year:

1. Bracing for The Big One (Sept. 12): State emergency officials promote a workshop to help Southern Oregon residents prepare for a magnitude 9.0 earthquake that could seriously disrupt food, water, transportation and other vital services.

2. Snow already? Crater Lake gets 8 inches (Sept. 26): Crater Lake received a record-smashing 8 inches of snow in 24 hours. It was the earliest snowfall since 1986.

3. 'Big One' is due, quake experts say (Sept. 21): State emergency officials present a workshop on earthquake preparedness.

4. Man loses hand after illegal firework goes off (June 28): David Jerald Jenkins, 37, of Medford, tried to relight an illegal mortar that had failed to go off. It exploded in his hand.

5. Pair who allegedly committed sex acts on Allegiant flight fined $250 (Oct. 16): Former Applegate Valley vintner Christopher Martin and Medford salon technician Jessica Stroble each pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for having oral sex in their seats in front of other passengers on a commercial airline flight from Medford to Las Vegas in June.

6. Explosive device detonates in front of Jackson County DA's Office (Nov. 13): Bomb built on a propane tank set off at prosecutor's office, shattering windows and damaging the building's interior.

7. Troon Vineyard director faces federal charges for alleged sex acts on flight (Aug. 9): Federal investigators accuse Troon Vineyard director Christopher Martin with engaging in repeated sex acts with a woman while they sat together in airline seats in front of aghast fellow passengers on a June flight from Medford to Las Vegas.

8. 'A justified use of force' (June 18): John "Brandon" Shawnego punches two men who tried to steal his backpack that contained Father's Day presents from his children, then filmed the dazed and bloodied assailants.

9. Judge dismisses film company's lawsuit against local defendants (May 14): A federal judge dismissed Voltage Pictures' claims that 34 unnamed Jackson County residents pirated the 2012 Steven Seagal movie "Maximum Conviction" via peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent.

10. Grants Pass gun maker killed in vehicle crash (Jan. 6): John Noveske, 36, founder of Noveske Rifleworks, died after crashing his Toyota Land Cruiser on Highway 260.

11. Arming principals is not the answer (Dec. 30, 2012): Jeff Schlecht, former Marine Corps officer and retired Ashland High School principal, wrote a column opposing arming principals. Though the column published at the end of 2012, it continued to rack up clicks in 2013.

12. Teen dies in crash on icy North Foothill Road (Jan. 16): 18-year-old North Medford softball player Shelbi Stevens died in a crash after losing control on an ice-covered curve in the 5900 block of North Foothill Road in Central Point.

13. Ray's Food Place parent company files for bankruptcy (Nov. 20): Brookings-based C&K Market Inc., parent of Ray's Food Place, Shop Smart, C&K Market and LoBuck$ stores in Oregon and California, filed for bankruptcy protection and said it planned to close or sell 16 of 60 stores.