(By Prof. F.C. Reimer)

(By Prof. F.C. Reimer)

The Experiment Stations were established in this county for a definite purpose. Those responsible for their establishment intended that they should actually experiment with plants and animals, that these institutions should discover, by experimentation, new facts regarding plants and animals. To make such work of permanent value and of general application it should deal with fundamental principles.

The Experiment Station is not a Demonstration or Model Farm. It was not established as such, and should not be maintained as such. Wherever experiment stations have attempted to model a farm plan, they have evaded the law, and in most instances have accomplished very little permanent good.

Work of the SouthernOregon station

The Southern Oregon Experiment Station is a state institution, and is supported solely by the state. The work at this station is devoted primarily to experiments with fruits and vegetables. This does not imply that this station would neglect other lines of agriculture in Southern Oregon, but at present some of the most difficult and urgent problems needing solution here are purely horticultural problems and all of our energies are being devoted to a solution of these problems. The work, then, is for the purpose of solving problems for the farmer which the farmer cannot be expected to solve for himself.

Testing varieties of fruits

The station is devoting considerable time and space to the testing of new and promising varieties of fruits. Valuable varieties of fruits from all sections of the United States and Europe have been planted and are being tested to determine their suitability to the climatic and soil conditions prevailing here. Special attention will also be given to determine their resistance or susceptibility to disease. We are making a special effort to find new and valuable varieties of pears which will not be as susceptible to pear blight, as most of the standard varieties now grown.