January 7, 1914

January 7, 1914

The Rev. W.D. McCullough, Baptist minister, and William Ulrich, pioneer and auctioneer, filed their candidacies for the city council Tuesday in the Third and Second wards, respectively. The filings brought a storm of protest, and the legality of the filings is questioned.

The petition of the Rev. McCullough was circulated by Councilman George Millar, signed among others by Councilman John Summerville and filed by himself. Bill Ulrich likewise filed his own petition. The minister's platform promises economy, favors salaries for councilmen, prohibition and the eradication of all civic sin. His candidacy splits the anti-Millar vote, as he is a candidate for the short term.

Mr. ulrich is a friend of the present council and one of the few upholders. It is generally conceded the filings are an attempt to split the vote of the business men's ticket. He is a candidate against Col. Sargent.

The Canadian excursion of 125 people, en route to California, arrived at Medford at 1:45 this afternoon, being delayed at Gold Hill by a crippled engine one hour. Secretary Streets of the Commercial club and a delegation of citizens met them at the depot and distributed fruit and literature of the Rogue River valley. Their time was limited owing to delay. Tomorrow the Spokane Walla Walla excursion passes through at 12:15 o'clock.

An effort was made by Councilman Millar to have special Officer H.D. Crawford appointed a regular policeman at the session Tuesday night, and failed because Mayor Purdin held any appointments would be held up until after the city election. It developed that Crawford did not care so much about the title, as he did the "side money" that came to a regular member of the force.

For turning out lights in business houses, picking up straying stock, etc., the police receive about $20 a month in tips, Millar said. This is divided among the regulars and the chief. Mr. Crawford, being a special, is not in on the "cut." Both Millar and himself think he ought to be.