January 11, 1914

January 11, 1914

ASHLAND — Governor West, Adjutant General Finzer and a half dozen staff officers of the Oregon National Guard will be in Ashland February 1st to attend the exercises dedicating the new $40,000 armory. There will be an exhibtiion by First Company Coast Artillery corps of this city in the afternoon and, in the evening there will be a band concert by the Coast Artillery band of Portland, which consists of thirty pieces. After the concert there will be a dance.

E.P. Hughes of Ashland was arrested today upon a warrant alleging violation of the Blue Sky law — the first in the records of Jackson County — and will be given a hearing tomorrow before Justice Dox of Jacksonville, by Corporation Commissioner Ralph Watson of Salem. Hughes is alleged to have sold and attempted to sell 100 shares of Metallic Tie stock without securing a permit from the state commission. The Metallic Tie company is a Utah corporation.

A nimble fingered crook entered the office of the Medford Lumber Company sometime between Saturday night and early Monday morning, and with nothing but his sense of touch and a coal chisel opened the safe, securing $50 in money and two county warrants. The thief solved the combination of the safe and opened the inner drawers with a chisel. The robbery was discovered this morning, and the loss reported to the police.

Employees of the lumber company told Chief Hittson that a man has been coming to the yards every night, they thought to sleep, but that morning tracks were found about the office door. Therefore the police deduct that the cracksman has been working on the combination for three or four nights, and is an expert safeworker.

The lock of the inner door was punched in with the cold chisel and each door demolished, and the contents searched. One of these drawers is missing. All of the valuable papers and notes of the firm were carefully plied by the prowler underneath the safe, where they were found this morning. The safe's interior is a wreck.

The police have no cludes, and Chief Hittson issued a warning to all owners of safes in the outer districts to be on guard.